Dental Implants: Why It Is Important To Replace Missing Teeth


We may lose our teeth due to several reasons, such as, physical injuries, weak teeth and general tooth decay. Tooth loss can also be attributed to other teeth and gum diseases. A missing tooth can leave an unpleasant gap between teeth and this can negatively affect your smile and appearance. A visible missing tooth can cause serious distress, but a missing tooth where it is not visible may not cause the similar distress. A missing tooth does not only affect your outward appearance, but it also affects your dental health; and this is why you may consider a dental implant. 

Some of the consequences of leaving your missing teeth untreated are: 

Loose tooth: Your teeth are to be neatly arranged, this arrangement ensures that your teeth are lined and stable. When you miss a tooth, there are chances of your teeth shifting and losing stability, which can consequently lead to a change in your bite, potential gum disease, and possible tooth decay.

Change in facial appearance: Loss of a tooth could cause your mouth to shift and this in turn can cause your bone to deteriorate and muscles to droop over time. It is vital to replace missing teeth so that your teeth don’t shift and facial appearance changes.  

Trouble chewing: Loss of a single tooth can affect the remaining teeth. Each tooth is essential for performing the function of chewing, when one tooth is missing there is added pressure on the other teeth to perform the function of chewing accurately. When your food is not chewed thoroughly, it could further lead to problems with digestion, negatively impacting your entire system.

TMJ disorder: The muscles located on the side of your head that help you chew and rotate your jaw are attached to the temporomandibular joints, or TMJ. Changes to these muscles and the system they are connected to can cause intense physical pain. The loss of a tooth can affect the temporomandibular joints, thereby leading to TMJ disorder. Consult with your dentist about the best treatment options for your missing tooth to ensure that you prevent TMJ disorder beforehand. 

Bite pattern: A missing tooth can shift the other teeth in your mouth, and this can affect your bite pattern. When the missing tooth is not replaced with a dental implant, the gum surrounding the space, muscles and adjacent teeth are all affected. The tooth above or below the missing tooth might begin to grow longer to fill the void in your bite and this can lead to other problems with your bite. 

It is advisable to not leave your missing teeth unattended even if it is not visible. Leaving a missing tooth as it is can have a significant impact on your overall health. The bone tissue, which supports our teeth, needs the constant stimulation of biting and chewing to stay healthy. Without stimulation, the bone area under the missing tooth gradually shrinks and this will eventually make the process of getting dental implants complicated or otherwise impossible. 

The best way to prevent the above-mentioned consequences is by getting your dental implant on time. Advanced dental procedures have made the process of getting implants safe and uncomplicated. The initial consultation with our surgeon-implantologist will determine whether dental implants are the right option or if there are alternative treatments you can proceed with instead.

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