How Hypertension And Poor Oral Health Relate To One Another

Recent studies conducted by the American Heart Association's journal Hypertension has revealed astounding correlations between oral health and patients who suffer from hypertension. Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure where the heart and arteries are accustomed to a higher pressure of blood due to various factors. This increased pressure of the blood can have an impact on your oral health and vice versa, all of which are discussed below in detail. 

Gums And Hypertension

According to the study, when the relationship between gum disease and high blood pressure was examined, many discoveries were made. Specifically, with periodontitis, which is an advanced stage of gum infection. Individuals who have gum disease are seen to have higher blood pressure when compared to those who have healthy gums. It also showed that having a periodontal disease left individuals less likely to remain within the healthy blood pressure ranges on the basis of medical and dental records.

For those who are prone (having family history thereof)  to have high blood pressure, it is recommended for them to closely monitor their recordings as an early diagnosis of hypertension would then be possible. As for those who have already been diagnosed, it is advised to set an appointment with a periodontist or orthodontist to have your oral health checked regularly. 

This is another reason why both physicians and dentists always make sure to ask you about any pre-existing health conditions as well as any treatments and medication you are receiving. As either of them can impact your overall health in adverse and health-threatening ways. 

Teeth and Hypertension

If you have been previously diagnosed with any heart conditions such as hypertension, then it is expected that the blood in your body is pumping at a higher rate and pressure. This can impact the small veins and arteries that surround your teeth and gums that supply them with oxygen. With a higher pressure, the walls of these vessels grow thinner and weaker with time and can alter the blood flow to the mouth. 

This can weaken the muscles as well as teeth and can cause them to fall out or become more prone to other oral diseases. Hence, it is necessary to keep up the strength of your teeth and oral muscles and that of your entire circulatory system and take the necessary precautions to avoid the diagnosis of such chronic illnesses. 

Overall Health and Precautions

When it comes to such specific possibilities, it is always advisable to take better care of your oral health and also overall health in advance to avoid health complications. When it comes to your oral hygiene, it is necessary to brush and floss your teeth on a daily basis as this can eliminate any bacterial buildup growing in your mouth that can cause inflammations and diseases in the future. Setting up regular dentist appointments is also another requirement that must be fulfilled from time to time as your orthodontist can also detect any oral problems and accordingly advice on treatment plans early on. 

As for your overall health, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help decrease the risk of obesity and other heart conditions. Obesity will restrict all your veins and arteries and cause high blood pressure that will affect the small capillaries that are present around the teeth. This can further increase the risk of diseases in your gums and teeth, weakening them over time. To avoid such possibilities, good care must be taken in advance with the help of doctors and healthcare practitioners.

To gain the best care and treatments for your oral problems as well as heart conditions, it is necessary to understand the implication the two could have on one another. If you are unsure or need further advice on your current oral issues, contact our team of experts at The Dome MedDental clinic and achieve the best results possible today. 

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