Teeth Whitening FAQ for Patients in The Dome MedDental Clinic

Your smile goes a long way in making a first impression, which is why so many people in The Dome MedDental Clinic actively see out the best teeth whitening products. No matter how clean your teeth are, most people’s teeth fall into any range of light gray to yellow colors. For the brilliant smile you are after, teeth whitening gel can give you the ultimate smile that can dazzle.

What causes tooth discoloring?

Everyday items like medication, red wine, sodas and coffee can stain and discolor your teeth. Regular usage and smoking cigarettes or cigars can also discolor and stain your front teeth. Aging and the natural processes behind it also contribute to the discoloration of your teeth.

Candies and foods with coloring in them can also lead to the staining of your teeth.

Q: Are teeth whitening products safe?

A: Over the counter products and in office whiteners can vary in how they whiten your teeth as well as range in effectiveness. When you want the best teeth whitening product, look for those that have been evaluated or approved by the Dental Association Authorities. Taking a look for the seal of approval is a quick and easy way to check that the teeth whitening product you are looking at is proven and safe.

Q: How do teeth whitening products work?

A: Most cream and pastes utilize whitening agents to cleanse through the use of peroxide. Either by ceramide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide in varying levels of concentration lightens your teeth and your enamel by passing oxygen through the gels to whiten your teeth. This bleaching process can be sped up through emulsions and additional propagators like teeth whitening lamps.

As long as you choose a whitening that is suited for your purpose, it is likely to be effective in combination with comprehensive family dental care in MedDental clinic, we offer different options for whitening along with comprehensive dental services.

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