The Medical Benefits of Genioplasty


Genioplasty (also known as chin augmentation) is a surgical procedure used to enhance the shape and structure of the chin. A chin augmentation is usually done for both cosmetic purposes and jaw-related issues. The shape of your chin deeply impacts the facial structure, hence an enhancement may not just improve deformities but also enable a confidence boost. 

Who are the Right Candidates for Genioplasty?

Genioplasty is best suited for individuals with:

  • A prominent or over projected chin

  • Prognathia

  • Recessed chin

  • Chin deformities, such as occlusal or skeletal deformity

  • Angle class II skeletal deformity

  • Retrogenia

  • Microgenia

  • Retruded chin

  • Hypoplastic mentum

  • Horizontal mandibular hypoplasia

  • Hemifacial microsomia


The Procedure 

Genioplasty is not always about improving one's physical appearance. For some people, it is a necessity. Following are some of the procedures involved in chin enhancement:


  • Alloplastic chin implants: This is the primary treatment option for individuals with minor abnormalities and is ideal for creating a more balanced and symmetrical facial structure for patients with a receding chin. 

  • Sliding genioplasty: This procedure is implemented for more complex chin deformities, such as those caused by genetics, physical trauma or other diseases. The aim of this procedure is to resolve problems related with chin deformities, such as airway obstruction. Since this is a sliding surgery, there is no requirement for a bone grafting procedure.

  • Orthognathic surgery: This surgical procedure is prescribed for individuals suffering from a severe malocclusion (misaligned jaw). Some of the disruptive symptoms of this condition include speech difficulties, trouble with chewing, sleep apnea, and facial disharmony among other problems. Orthognathic surgery broadly involves moving the upper jaw forward or backward, or widening it to understand the exact complication. On the other hand, it also includes procedures to move the lower jaw or mandible in order to correct facial asymmetry. 


A genioplasty can be performed horizontally, vertically, or with a combination of both ways. A horizontal genioplasty is ideal for chins that protrude outwards, whereas a vertical genioplasty is appropriate for removing or adding bone tissue for the purpose of either increasing or decreasing chin length. In some cases, however, horizontal and vertical changes are required to achieve the desired results. Surgeons also normally use pre-bent titanium plates and screws to hold the modified chin in place following the surgery. Surgical wounds inside the chin or mouth call for a soft diet post surgery. It is completely normal to undergo some pain and swelling during the first few days or weeks after the surgery but these tend to resolve without treatment or with the use of a mild pain reliever. Besides the usual pain and swelling that follow, some patients may also sense discomfort due to the plates and screws used. Most patients are usually able to recover within two to six weeks; however, doctors usually prescribe medications and antibiotics to quicken the recovery process. For the purpose of preventing risks and complications, doctors ensure that patients undergo a pre-surgical screening or physical evaluation and a follow-up checkup after the procedure. 


Before deciding to undergo any kind of genioplasty be it for the purpose of enhancement or for relief from other symptoms, head to a qualified dental clinic for a suitable evaluation of your chin and facial structure. Ensure you consult with your doctor about any worries or concerns regarding the procedure. A certified doctor will make sure you’re 100% comfortable before you actually go through with the treatment.

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