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4 Reasons Why you should Wear Mouth Guards

4 Reasons Why you should Wear Mouth Guards

Why is it suggested by Dental Professionals to put on Dental Mouth Guards? 

Have you ever been curious why your dentist lays emphasis on mouth guards? Top of the mind recalls after hearing the term mouth guard is an athlete, soccer player, or maybe a basketball player. In fact, it is rare to think that there can be other applications of dental mouth guards except for sports. Besides, getting into the habit of wearing dental mouth guards can cause discomfort, but it can do wonders for your dental health. This article will discuss four primary reasons why your dentist prescribes you to use the mouth guards.

Mouth Guards are a Shield against Tooth Fractures

Oral injuries, such as tooth rupture or dislocation, are perhaps the most commonly witnessed incidents when playing any sport. However, mouth guards have a very crucial function in protecting your teeth from breakage, displacement, rupture, and fracture. It simply means that the mouth guard will act as a pad to mitigate the crushing impact of a speedy object like a speedy baseball. Instead of concentrating the force on one tooth, mouth guards allow it to distribute throughout the teeth.

Mouth Guards Alleviate the Indications of Tooth Grinding

Frequent teeth grinding and clenching is a widespread behavior seen among the masses from all over the world. Occasional incidence of teeth grinding is not a medical complication, but when it becomes a routine practice by any individual, oral health issues are likely to surface. This problem is identified as one of the prominent sleep-related conditions, by the Dental experts, which by and large impairs the jawbone or mouth structures of people. Therefore, dentists highly prescribe people to wear mouth guards at night. It defends against the teeth of upper and lower jaws from touching and helps in absorbing shocks; thereby, allowing enamel protection and safeguarding soft tissues from corrosion or deterioration.

Mouth Guards give Relief against Sleep Apnea 

Experts have pointed out sleep apnea as a grave medical condition wherein your breathing abruptly begins to oscillate between stopping and starting states during sleep at night. This pattern usually takes place recurrently. In this condition, the person sleeps with mouth wide open, which causes the mouth to dry out and poses the dental structures to deteriorate. Therein, people are likely to experience a plethora of dental issues including cavities and tooth decay. Nevertheless, sleep apnea and its related problems can be prevented by wearing a mouth guard, as it helps to keep the tongue and jaws in proper positions. In most severe cases, surgery can also be proposed by our Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Mouth Guards Prevent Soft Tissue Injuries

Just imagine a football player being kicked at his lower lip. He definitely would have to undergo medical attention and procedures to repair the harm done. Here, mouth guards come as a messiah as it circumvents all the damages to the mouth and assuages the pain of stitches. Indeed, it is not only a robust tool for athletes but people who have braces can also benefit from it. Mouthguards are a great source for protecting your tongue, gum, lips, and cheeks from getting injured by different objects while playing sports or sleeping. 

It is now very clear that mouthguards are not only effective for the athletes – they are a powerful tool for the people, in general, which defends their teeth against various injuries, clenching, and sharp appliances. It is low-cost equipment for the ultimate protection of your mouth with a good night’s sleep. 

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