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7 Signs that Require You to Visit the Dentist?

7 Signs that Require You to Visit the Dentist?

How would you Identify if there is a Need to See your Dentist?

As a general rule of thumb, a dental visit every six months is required to sustain healthy teeth, gums, jaws, and mouth and get the potential problems identified beforehand. But have you ever thought to visit the dentist between the regular checkups? It can perhaps be a difficult thing to know whether you need immediate medical attention for the pain that you are going through or you can wait until next appointment.

Today, we’ll put together a list of symptoms that are classed as dental emergencies for which you need to be mindful of so you can know when to visit your dentist:

7 Urgent Indicators that Need Immediate Dentist Attention

Never take a dental emergency lightly, as untreated issues are capable of jeopardizing your overall well-being. Following are the 7 signs for which you must stop by your dentist:

1.      Toothache that Occurs Constantly

If you notice sharp pain, ache, throbbing, or sensitivity in your mouth, it is a clear indication that there is something wrong. This ongoing severe pain can hamper your everyday activities and might affect your ability to chew, talk, or sleep. It means you need immediate dental attention, as there can be myriad reasons for toothache that need appropriate treatment.

2.      Loose or Fallen-off Crowns, Bridges, or Fillings

Crowns and fillings usually protect your teeth from dental complications and infection. However, if you feel it loose, it is the time you need to visit your dentist for replacement or adjustment.

3.      Persistent Headaches

Jaw problems are probable of causing constant headaches. Therefore, if you notice pain in the jaw and head at the same time, you should not ignore this symptom. Both pains can be connected; hence, seek dental assistance for the treatment.

4.      Bleeding, Soreness, or Inflammation in Gums

It is a normal thing to observe a small amount of blood in gums while brushing or flossing. But if bleeding continues every time, it is an aspect to worry about, as it signifies that you might be suffering from gum disease. Immediate dental care is needed to treat the periodontal issue, else it will deteriorate the gum tissue and lead to adverse consequences.

5.      Permanent Bad Breath

Bad breath in the mouth is not only a cause of embarrassment, but it also highlights that there is some serious issue. There can be various reasons behind persistent bad breath that include infection, gum disease, acid reflux, and so forth. Nevertheless, you must consult a dentist right away to ensure that bad breath can be treated early.

6.      Mouth Sores

An abscessed tooth or soreness in the mouth can be because of a bacterial infection that requires dental care; therefore, if you witness a sore for more than a week, it the time to schedule your appointment. Get the help of dental experts for figuring out the basis of the sore so you can get appropriate treatment.

7.      Cracked or Chipped Tooth

Several factors contribute to cracks, chipping, fracture, or lost tooth, but whatever the reason is, you need an emergency trip to the dental clinic. Don’t leave your knocked-out tooth untreated, as it will not only cause pain but will also promote the bacteria to enter the tooth roots, possibly resulting in infection.

Need An Appointment?

Reach out to The Dome MedDental Clinic if you are experiencing any kind of dental emergencies mentioned above. The treatment of the problems in the early stages is easier, so don’t ignore the signs until the pain escalates. It will only cause you to bear more pain and eventually the treatment will be more costly down the road!

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