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Brace Yourself: Top 7 Things You Must Know About Dental Braces

7 Things You Must Know About Dental Braces

It is essential to take care of your oral cavity and maintain good oral hygiene for overall wellbeing. Sometimes, regular practice of brushing and flossing is not adequate. If you are born with crooked teeth, it can have a negative impact on your smile and self-esteem as well. The confidence of a person depends greatly on how they can smile without worrying about portraying a bad image. This makes it important for everyone to visit their dentist on a regular basis and children should be taken to a dental professional once they got their first baby tooth.

Orthodontics is a very crucial section of dentistry which deals with the correction of bite, occlusion, and straightness of bent teeth. Although, if you ask for recommendations, you may find many good orthodontists in Dubai, making an accurate choice when it comes to your dental needs is mandatory. People who have teeth that are misaligned and bent should consider the option of dental braces. Braces are a great solution to straighten your teeth and make your grin attractive. After deciding to get this treatment, many questions may arise in your mind. We have jolted down a few crucial things everyone should know before getting dental braces in Dubai

A Slight Pain Is Common

The most common question everyone has on their minds is whether it is a painful procedure or not. Although it is true that a tiny bit of pain is associated with dental braces, the discomfort can only be described as mild. Most pain occurs during the first few days of getting braces which comes along with slight pressure and aching in your jaw. You may also experience a bit of a stinging experience when the wires scrape adjacent to your cheek or tongue.

A lisp can develop

Something many people don’t realize is that they can encounter a lisp in their speech after getting braces. The major explanation for this problem is the material of braces. The metal brackets used in this procedure can almost always cause a difference in the way you speak.

Ways to take oral care post braces

After the treatment started, it is the best practice to avoid crunchy food as it can make the wires snap. Steer clear of food with too much sugar as that results in plaque and bacteria building around the wire and over the tooth.

You can get dental braces at any age

There is a widespread misconception that only young people or children can get dental braces. This is not true as people of all ages who want to improve their smiles get this treatment to have that confidence they always desired.

Treatment Duration Depends on Several Factors

Once you visit your orthodontist, he or she will recommend an approximate treatment period for wearing wires and brackets. As per the level of misalignment and dental issue and the correction that needs to be made, this can range from six months to two years, or even more in very specific and “difficult” cases.

It is necessary to tighten your braces

You must visit your orthodontist and make sure that the braces are tightened as per requirements. This process can be a bit painful but once you go through it several times, you will hardly experience the pain. Tightening the braces is an essential part of making sure the entire procedure goes well.

You can see the treatment outcomes soon

Although the entire process of getting straighter teeth with braces can last up to two years, you can see positive outcomes during the first month. This will make you realize that it is fine to bear the discomfort you are facing.

The most crucial part is that this orthodontic treatment can help you fix your flawless grin and be the best version of yourself. Your smile will be brighter than ever and this is sure to impress your colleagues, family, and friends.

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