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Breakthrough In Braces: 4 Orthodontic Trends That Are Now In Dubai

4 Orthodontic Trends That Are Now In Dubai

Remember those old high school movies which showed metal braces as some form of torture doled out to little one or growing adults. Well, things have changed quite a bit since then and the treatment has changed quite a lot since then. Today teenagers prefer getting their flawed teeth fixed with braces whether they are made up of metal, clear, ceramic, or neon. Check out the various options available for orthodontic treatment in Dubai and find the right fit for your growing child.

Fluorescent Braces

You’ve heard of glowing caps and t-shirts and other accessories. However, what’s nowadays a new trend of braces is in demand that glow when the lights are off. It may sound a bit odd at first but their rising popularity is a clear indicator that they are not just a Halloween gimmick. A radiant pigment (completely safe) is placed to the outer region while the braces are crafted which make them look normal in the daylight and let them to glow in the dark once the light is thrown on them. Of course, if you prefer to rock this “Cheshire Cat” look all day long, it can also be arranged. On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who loves variety, there are temporary options available, so you can exchange them for clear ones when you want.

Lingual Braces

These custom-made braces which are attached to the back of the teeth become invisible allowing you to smile confidently at all times. Lingual braces are made using CAD/CAM technologies which help churn out a highly accurate 3D image ensuring greater precision and comfort levels. Also, time will no longer have to be of the essence here since they are transferred into your mouth in one go with the assistance of an advanced tray system.

Self-Clip Braces

Clip-on. Clip off. Computer designed and consisting of a nickel-titanium metal alloy, these self-clip braces are the latest to enter the ever-transforming field of orthodontics. Where traditional braces use “elastic bands” to keep the archwire from moving all over the place, self-clip ones use small little metal brackets to do the job instead. Due to their smooth, contoured surfaces, they are able to help move teeth more quickly and offer a comfortable fit overall. Now if you’re not the metal flashing smile sort, stay calm. These trailblazers can also be found with the added advantage of translucent ceramic.

Invisalign Aligners

It’s only understandable that braces highlight the fact that they can’t be seen. Not everyone is confident enough or comfortable enough to flaunt metal brackets sticking out of their teeth or neon-colored elastic bands flashing in their mouths. For these minimalists, clear aligners are the way forward. Virtually unnoticeable, they are made through the patient’s teeth impressions, which is why they end up providing an exact, perfect fit for your teeth. Their only bothersome factor is that they have to be removed before eating and drinking anything. Other than that, straight teeth here you come.

Although braces never disappeared altogether, they are being brought into the spotlight as of late. Gone are the days when braces were associated with socially-awkward kids and excruciatingly embarrassing photos. Today braces are very much trending, especially in Dubai. Our expert orthodontists at Dome MedDental Clinic DMCC in Dubai cannot only provide detailed information on the available options but also ensure international standard dental care while doing so.

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