5 Things You Should Know About Dental Tourism

Care Beyond Borders

Medical tourism took the world by storm almost two decades ago when patients started realizing there is more value for money when it comes to undergoing specific procedures outside their home country. Dental tourism is currently following a similar surge in popularity. Here are a few things you should keep in mind if considering Dubai as a potential option for your next dental procedure.

Get Digital

More than 3 years ago, Dubai launched the world’s first-ever electronic medical tourism portal. With Dubai Health Experience (www.dxh.ae), patients can now have access to a comprehensive menu of health services including, lo and behold, dental packages. This one-of-a-kind experience gives access to over 45 healthcare providers ranging from hospitals, specialized clinics, and day surgery centers. 

Does anyone say ‘discount’?

One of the biggest incentives for dental tourism is money saved in the long run. But if you take into account tickets, hotel stays, and visa fees, suddenly the option doesn’t seem as appealing. This is where Dubai looks to win hearts (and patients) by offering medical tourism packages which will usually include visa fees free of charge and complimentary hotel stay and flight tickets. A little side notes: Two years ago, Dubai authorities introduced a 3-month medical tourist visa, which can then be extended up to 2 times, over the course of a 9-month period.

A Little Regulation Goes A Long Way

Health regulations are extremely important when it comes to ensuring long-term quality results and Dubai has a strong, health regulation framework which gives it a one-up when it comes to offering dental tourism packages. So, if you were considering canceling your cosmetic dentistry procedure due to lack of safety regulations or sub-par aftercare, you can now reconsider it, but this time in Dubai.

A Sound Investment

Dentists in Dubai have received their medical degrees from well-reputed colleges and universities across Europe, the UK, and the US so patients from these countries can rest assured that they will be in sound hands. As for the future, Dubai’s government and private sector investment in the medical zone is constantly increasing in preparation for the rising interest. The emirate is also focusing on increasing the manufacture of medical equipment so that not only overseas patients but the large ex-pat workforce may continue to retain good dental health.

Rest and Relaxation

There is no rule in the patient handbook which says that you can’t enjoy a little sightseeing while on a dental tourism mission. Dubai is a tourist’s dream come true with its long list of beautiful attractions, grand shopping malls, and delectable meals. So, once you’re done recovering from your visit to the dentist whether it was from replacing teeth, closing gaps, or correcting the alignment, you can head out for a little R&R.

Equipped with the latest technology and offering extremely high standards, dental clinics in Dubai are at the forefront when it comes to dental tourism. Our experts at Dome MedDental Clinic DMCC in Dubai can not only provide detailed information on the available options but also ensure international standard dental care while doing so.

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