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Dental Bridges or Implants Which is the Right Choice

Dental Bridges or Implants: Which is the Right Choice for Me?

Tooth loss is an extremely common condition that is encountered by millions of people across the globe. However, replacing a missing or broken tooth is the only solution to a confident smile while maintaining the facial balance and keeping other teeth aligned. There are several cosmetic dentistry procedures for engineering a tooth replacement. Among them, dental bridges and implants stand out as prominent procedures in today’s time.

Although both procedures have some common factors, they present unique benefits and shortcomings, which need to be considered before opting for any solution of teeth replacement. Here, we’ll discuss the key differences between dental bridges. Further, various factors will be taken into consideration to discover which protocol is the most appropriate fit for you.

Dental Bridges and Implants

Dental bridges are comprised of false teeth, which are positioned between the abutment crowns or missing teeth. The procedure does not reconstruct the tooth roots; rather, the neighboring teeth are used as a support system for placing artificial crowns. The space of the missing teeth is protected by the crowns but these are not attached to the jaws.

Whereas, a dental implant is the titanium posts like screws that are anchored to the tooth roots. These titanium posts fuse and bond with the jawbone over time. It is then protected and sealed with the dental crown. It is a preferred choice in case if more than one tooth is missing.

Dental Bridge vs. Implants: Which Procedure to Opt for?

Even though both the procedures are geared to produce natural-looking outcomes, both are associated with pros and cons. Following are the factors to consider when deciding for the finest teeth replacement technique:

Number of Lost or Missing Teeth

Dental implants are a stronger and permanent solution when matched to dental bridges. In cases of single or intermittent multiple teeth loss, the best choice is a dental implant, as it secures the gums and bones of the lost tooth from receding. On the other hand, a dental bridge is a perfect option if you suffer from several consecutive missing teeth or need to secure large fillings in the surrounding teeth with a crown.


Dental implants are long-lasting and durable, which protects the teeth for a lifetime in contrast to bridges. It is because a dental implant screw consists of titanium that is fixed into the jaws; hence, it prevents from tooth decay or gum diseases. Whereas, the durability of a dental bridge tends to last for 10 years on average because the bridge is liable to fail after the normal wear and tear of the crown. Consequently, tooth enamel underneath the bridge becomes vulnerable to gum problems and decays.


In terms of procedure costs, a dental bridge is a less costly protocol contrary to implants. Even if a dental implant procedure exhibits lower costs initially, eventually you will have to pay an extra amount for the replacement of crowns in future. On the other hand, the entire procedure of implants from preparation to placement, may appear expensive but tends to be more cost-effective in general, as it is permanent and does not demand replacements.


The aesthetics of the teeth is another substantial aspect to look at, when considering cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dental implants tend to produce more appealing outcomes than bridges.

Procedure Time

Dental bridges are a more time-efficient procedure than implants. Since a dental implant is a surgical procedure, it requires several months to complete the treatment. The crown can only be placed once the jawbone, in which the screw is bonded, is healed that might take couple of months. On the contrary, the installation of a bridge only needs two dental visits over a few weeks.

In succinct, your dentist is the expert with paramount knowledge and expertise to advise you about the optimum tooth replacement procedure based on your dental health condition and your needs. 

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