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Do's and Don'ts of Teeth Whitening Process

Do's and Don'ts of Teeth Whitening Process

Nowadays, the procedure of teeth whitening is not limited to the elites and celebrities. Everybody is seeking some procedure to make their teeth whiter and sparkling. Every grocery store has shelves filled with kits of teeth whitening products.

Let us find answers to some of the most common questions about teeth whitening:

  • What do you mean by teeth whitening?

This is a procedure to change the color of your teeth from dull to white by applying a bleaching agent also known as a whitening agent which makes your teeth whiter.

  • Is the process painful?

The process is completed in 1 to 1.30 hours, and it is not painful; it may cause sensitivity in teeth. If sensitivity occurs during the procedure, the dentist stops the process but if it occurs after the procedure, the dentist will give you anti-sensitivity toothpaste and a pain killer that would surely heal your sensitive teeth in no time.

  • How long will your teeth remain whiter?

It depends on your lifestyle. If you are a heavy consumer of tea, coffee, or wine, your teeth may remain whiter for 6 months or less but if you care for your teeth and do not consume caffeinated products, and do not smoke, your teeth will remain whiter for almost a year.

Myths about Teeth Whitening Procedure

A lot of myths are associated with teeth whitening procedures. Mostly, people consider this process to be harmful to their teeth as they think that whitening of teeth creates pores in the teeth, little did they know that teeth are porous naturally. Here are some myths vs realities about teeth whitening:

  • Toothpaste containing a whitening agent can make your teeth whiter easily, so no need to visit a dentist.

Most of the companies sell their whitening toothpaste at expensive rates and people buy them, as they believe that such toothpaste will whiten their teeth only by brushing. That is wrong. These kinds of toothpaste can remove the surface stains but cannot make your teeth shiny.

  • Toothpaste containing charcoal makes teeth as white as you get by the procedure of teeth whitening.

Activated charcoal is nowadays used a lot in many types of toothpaste as people are of the view that it will make their teeth whiter as a dentist can do. It is true, but charcoal can damage your tooth enamel as it is abrasive, so avoid its use.

  • Yellow teeth are unhealthy.

This is not necessary the case. Some people have a natural yellow tint to their teeth. But still, visit your dentist and see what options are there for you.

  • Should I get my teeth whitened at a dentist’s clinic?

Yes, because a dental expert knows the exact proportions of the whitening agent which is to be applied on the teeth according to the tint of teeth. People who buy whitening kits or get the whitening procedure done by some non-professional persons often experience adverse consequences. So, stay safe and have a safer tooth whitening procedure done on you.
Additionally, if many clinics use hygienists to perform a tooth whitening, our Clinic elected to only have it performed by Dentists, as only them can detect and take care positively of any sensitivity or other dental problem.

For the best experience of the teeth whitening process, you should visit The Dome MedDental Clinic where the dental professionals conduct the whole procedure in their strict supervision and give you the best and long-lasting results.

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