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6 Grave Reasons for Dental Pain and Toothache

6 Grave Reasons for Dental Pain and Toothache

The severity of pain in teeth is a warning indication that you might be suffering from a dental problem. Damage to the soft lining around the tooth or an infection in the tooth can lead to throbbing pain in the tooth area. But what actually causes dental pain or toothache?

The contributing factors of tooth pain deal with the nerves present inside the pulp, a soft area inside the teeth. This pulp carries blood vessels, tissues, and nerves and aids the teeth in remaining healthful and viable. If the tooth gets cracked, air and bacteria enter inside the tooth and reach the pulp. It leads to the irritation and infection of this soft pink area and ultimately results in tooth pain.

Here we will talk about the six serious reasons that cause tooth pain:

1.    Cavity

The number one reason for having a toothache is the presence of a cavity. A cavity is essentially a hole in the tooth caused by acid-producing bacteria that are eating your tooth away. If this cavity enlarges and touches the nerves inside the pulp, excruciating pain is experienced. Most cavities remain silent until it reaches the point of extreme pain for which root canal or extraction becomes the only solution to get rid of the pain.

2.    Sore Gums

When the food gets trapped between the teeth, it causes soreness in the gums due to a cavity. The teeth must be connected so that the trapping of food particles between the teeth and gums is minimized. Another common yet serious reason for sore gum is periodontitis. It is the advanced stage of gum disease in which the bone structure is affected, which causes more pain.

3.    Mouth Infection

Cavities are not the only root cause of tooth pain, as an infection inside the mouth or gum line also stimulates severe dental pain. A cracked and abscessed tooth usually causes throbbing pain, even though there is no sign of an infection on the outer side of the tooth. Injuries also lead to cracked teeth, another reason for an infection.

4.    Improper Dental Work

The restorative treatments, which safeguard the sensitive parts of your teeth, sometimes get damaged. Besides, the crowns or fillings can also be dislodged, which exposes the teeth to bacteria and food particles to enter and infect the roots. However, if the patient feels teeth aching, it indicates that the procedure is inadequately done. The pain while chewing after the treatment should not be neglected.

5.    Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth mean your teeth do not have enough room in their oral cavity. There can be various reasons that make your teeth become impacted. They come out in a sideways or horizontal direction causing harm to the neighboring teeth. It results in intense pain caused by the inflammation below the gums.

6.    Teeth Grinding

At times, sharp pain in the teeth only appears as a symptom of a more serious dental complication. Teeth grinding or bruxism is a grave dental problem that causes the enamel to wear down with time. Normally, people are unaware of this habit, but it is likely to cause pain in the neck, jaw, and other muscles.

All the above-mentioned problems can be averted if you follow regular dental visits at least twice a year. The Dome MedDental Clinic is well-equipped to solve your dental emergencies because we have state-of-the-art equipment and technologically savvy staff.

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