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How Endodontic Treatment Could Save a Tooth in Crisis?

How Endodontic Treatment Could Save a Tooth in Crisis?

As a dental patient, you can benefit from amazing procedures nowadays for replacing your tooth that is damaged, infected, or even lost. But as a dentist, the primary objective is to rescue the diseased tooth to the maximum extent possible before considering the option of tooth replacement. Endodontic treatment, particularly root canal therapy, is a phenomenal procedure that addresses your tooth decay issues, which is likely to attack the tooth’s interior.

If you are suffering from an infected or damaged tooth, this article will help you understand how an endodontic treatment of root canal can save your tooth in crisis.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

The procedure of root canal is performed to free your tooth from infection and cavities from further damaging the tooth. Your tooth is drilled to access the infected pulp so that the bacteria can be removed, and then the empty spaces are packed with a filling.

How Endodontic Treatment can Benefit You in Saving Your Infected Tooth?

Like most dental procedures, root canal therapy is also associated with some bad reputation, but it is an effective procedure that will help you sustain a healthy tooth. Here are 6 vital benefits of root canal therapy to treat your infected tooth:

  • Preserves your Original Tooth

Your concerns regarding gapped teeth or lost teeth are eliminated by this dental option, which helps you retain your natural teeth. Preservation of the tooth’s function is the best outcome when compared to any replacement options. This treatment is geared to rebound your natural tooth to a healthy condition so you can enjoy your natural chewing abilities.

  • Produces Aesthetically Appealing Outcomes

Aesthetics is another key element of consideration for endodontic treatment patients. The accumulated bacteria in your teeth pulp is also prone to affect your teeth’ color, which usually does not respond to teeth whitening procedures. Nonetheless, you can reap the benefits of the treatment, which is finished with sealing the infected tooth with a dental filling or crown. Root canal therapy not only restores the functionality of your tooth but also repairs the aesthetics of teeth so that you can smile beautifully and feel your best.

  • Prevents the Infection from spreading to Surrounding Teeth

The vital goal of this endodontic treatment is to offload the tooth with bacteria and cavities to prevent the tooth from decaying. Once the bacteria causing infection is removed, the tooth will be disinfected and uncontaminated; thereby eliminating the reason for tooth decay. The root canal therapy indicates that there is no space left for the bacteria to spread to the neighboring teeth.

  • Treats Severe Tooth Pain

A primary function of endodontic treatment is to relieve the patients from extreme toothaches and discomfort in the mouth. With this therapy, you are rescued from the pressure of the inflammation in the pulp so you can return to your normal life activities.

  • Avoids Degeneration of the Jawbone

Tooth decay does not heal by itself; instead, it only begets to increased damage. However, if your teeth are protected, your jawbone continues to be intact. But it starts to degenerate when you lose a tooth because the tissues beneath the teeth begin to shrink. Fortunately, with root canal treatment, you can protect your tooth, which implies that your jawbone is also secured.

  • Enhance Overall Health 

Dental well-being is overwhelmingly affected by severe tooth decay, and an individual becomes more fragile to other health complications including diabetes, gastrointestinal infection, heart disease, and various others. Enduring an infected tooth with serious consequences to your overall health can be resolved with tooth decay treatment, which will boost your dental health.

A root canal treatment gives your infected tooth a second chance by restoring its functionality and aesthetics. You can yield the benefits of this therapy without worrying about replacement options for your troubled tooth.

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