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How Microscope Assisted Endodontics Can Help Preserve Your Tooth

Endodontics Can Help Preserve Your Tooth

A healthy smile is an indication of good oral health. However, like with any other part of the body, your oral cavity is also prone to infections and diseases. Dental infection or pus eruption is usually an upsurge of excretion that forms within the teeth or gums. The pus eruption usually comes from a bacterial manifestation affecting the tissues of the tooth which increases because of bad oral habits. The abscess is typically divided into 3 major categories; Gingival, Periodontal, and Periapical. Patients who experience unexplained toothache, a rustic taste in oral cavity, and fever; there is a chance that they got a bacterial dental abscess. The primarily suggested treatment to keep an infected tooth intact is root canal treatment. Microscope-assisted root canal treatments are favorable for most dental infections as it enables our experts to focus on even the most minute regions of the teeth or oral cavity. At The Dome MedDental Clinic DMCC, our Endodontics specialists utilize dental microscopes for all major and minor procedures to guarantee precision and perfection during treatment.

Benefits of root canal treatment

The severity of the infection decides the course of treatment. This procedure on average takes two or three appointments. When a tooth is inflamed due to infection, the decomposed pulp and the puss has to be cleared through a root canal procedure and a crown or filling has to be adjusted to coat and save the spoiled tooth from falling off. The results of this procedure are long-lasting and can retain the functionality of your teeth for a lifetime.

How Microscope helps in root canal treatment

While most endodontists perform the root canal treatment using basic magnification, our specialists rely on a high-precision microscope to provide the best possible dental care to our patients.

Some of the root canal treatments are impossible to perform under basic magnification, which is why dental microscopes are no longer a luxury. The microscope can provide an accurate image of the affected teeth, which is virtually invisible to the naked eye. These include:

  • Narrow and precise root canal entrances
  • Hidden canals
  • Dental root fractures
  • Extreme changes to the tooth due to ageing
  • Trauma induced calcified canals

With the use of a dental microscope, our Endodontics specialists can accurately identify the issue and provide a tailored treatment to restore your infected teeth. The high level of precision and expertise will ensure that not only your infected tooth is saved, but the surrounding teeth are also spared from the spread of infection.

Healing After Root Canal Treatment

During the recovery phase, patients are advised not to chew or crunch into hard foods until our Endodontics specialist permits you. Also, with good oral care habits and regular dental cleaning appointments, you can keep most dental issues away.

For all your dental concerns, schedule your appointment today at The Dome MedDental Clinic DMCC for a detailed consultation.

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