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Five Ways Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Well-being

Five Ways Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Well-being

Your oral cavity houses good and bad bacteria, and having the good ones is quite alright for the health of your mouth. Unfortunately, when the harmful bacteria start building up, it makes your teeth and gums unhealthy and the overall quality of life as well. Several reasons contribute to the accumulation of bad bacteria in the mouth, which include inadequate oral hygiene care, consumption of sugary or acidic foods, and several medications. These factors are likely to decrease your saliva production and yield microbe build-up, which eventually harms your oral cavity. Consequently, your oral health and vital organs like lungs, heart, and stomach are negatively affected.

The wellbeing of your mouth, gums, and teeth speaks a lot about your overall health and has a much significant role than you realize. Several issues can develop when you have an unhealthy mouth. Here are some ways how your oral health affects your overall well-being.

Diseases Caused by Compromised Oral Wellness

1.     Cardiovascular Issues

Recent research studies indicate a strong link between the wellness of your mouth and the heart. The bacteria of inflamed gums not only spread into the heart via the bloodstream but it produces

a protein that merges the blood platelets and blood vessels and forms clots. The heart is affected when the clotting decreases the blood flow. Therefore, research claims that people suffering from gum diseases have elevated chances of having cardiovascular problems.

2.     Endocarditis

As the germs and bacteria continue to grow in the mouth, they can easily travel to the heart

through the bloodstream. These bacteria infect the heart’s inner lining, primarily known as the endocardium, and cause endocarditis. It is a fatal and life-threatening condition.

3.     Pregnancy and Child Birth 

During pregnancy, the body needs special care including the oral cavity. If a pregnant lady is suffering from periodontitis, she may have early labor and a premature baby. It happens because the levels of chemicals released during labor escalate due to gum disease. In addition, the hormones released during pregnancy have also shown negative effects on gum disease and usually make it worse. So, along with visiting the gynecologist, dental visits are also mandatory.

4.     Pneumonia

Lack of proper oral care practices means you are promoting bacteria to accumulate in the mouth. Some of these bacteria travel to the lungs, as the affected person from bacterial chest infections breathes through their mouth, which is conducive to respiratory conditions like pneumonia.

Elderly people and individuals with a weak immune system are more exposed to this condition and it can be a cause of death for them too.

Medical Illnesses Affecting Dental Well-being

Not only the oral health is detrimental to your quality of life, but certain illnesses and diseases can also leave a negative impact on your oral cavity.

1.     Diabetes

Elevated blood sugar levels caused by diabetes minimize the immunity of the body to fight against infections. A diabetic person is more susceptible to deteriorating gum disease levels, as these people find it difficult to manage the levels of blood sugar. It is essential to keep your oral cavity clean, strictly follow an oral care routine, and visit dentists regularly for protecting your gums from complications.

2.     Osteoporosis

People with osteoporosis have a weakened osseous matter in their bodies. Not only the bones in the oral cavity are affected but it can also result in loss of periodontal bone or loss of teeth.

Women are most affected by it, as they are 3 times more vulnerable to tooth loss than women who are not suffering from osteoporosis.

To safeguard your oral cavity from any issues, you should practice oral hygiene principles and consume healthful food and drinks to keep your mouth clean. Visit The Dome MedDental Clinic for further assistance, as investing in your oral health will help maintain strong teeth and physical well-being.

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