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How Oral Health Is Affected by High Stress Levels

How Oral Health Is Affected by High Stress Levels

Most people are subject to large amounts of stress throughout the workday and end up paying a high price for it. There are several medical conditions which are directly related to having high-stress levels. Stress is never good for the human body and mind, and it causes diseases which range from periodontitis to cardiovascular issues.

According to several pieces of research which have been conducted taking into account medical records from as far back as 1990, there is a 57 percent relation between high-stress levels and periodontitis. The effects of this disease include bleeding of gums and bones becoming loose as well resulting in the patient being at risk of losing teeth.

Different gum diseases caused by stress

Gum diseases start with the small bleeding in gums but can lead to severe conditions like heart disorders even if not treated right. It is always best to consult the right dentist near you to make sure that gum problems don’t worsen.

Another side effect of gum issues or jaw pain is that people tend to think about it all the time which leads to further stress. When the human body is under stress, there is a production of the cortisol hormone that in turn reduces the body’s immune system. This means that diseases affecting the mouth can easily occur.

Oral hygiene and how stress affects it

It is only natural that a person with more stress will spend less time taking care of their teeth and overall oral hygiene. People that are affected by high levels of stress will spend less time brushing their teeth, stop flossing, or even use a brushing technique which is not optimum. Another issue is that these people tend to eat more sugar or grind their teeth which further increases the probability of dental issues in the future.

Stressed out people smoke more

People who have a habit of smoking cigarettes tend to smoke a lot more when they are under stress. They think this helps but it is a dangerous way to cope with stress. Not only does it lead to many oral health issues, but it also means that the person’s body is subject to many medical diseases ranging from cardiovascular to mouth cancer.

Watch out if you grind your teeth

Also known as Bruxism, teeth grinding is often always a result of increased levels of stress. There is only so much a human body can handle, and once it is past that level, the stress starts to take its toll on both mind and the organs. When someone grinds their teeth, it results in jaw pain, headaches as well as increase in teeth sensitivity. Visit the dentist to get this habit treated with a consultation and good oral health practice.

How to handle stress and take care of oral health

It is always a good idea to step back and try to figure out if you suffer from any of the symptoms related to stress. If you are working too hard or studying for a semester exam, then there is a high probability you suffer from stress. Once stress-related health problems have started to manifest, it may be difficult to cure. Therefore, a preventive cure is the best option to tackle stress.

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