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How to Avoid Getting Smoker’s Teeth

How to Avoid Getting Smoker’s Teeth

Smoking is the cause for a wide range of diseases that affect everything from the teeth to the heart and even the lungs. A smoker is always at the risk of living a low quality of life healthwise and it also affects their emotional and mental well-being as well. In the following blog, let’s take a closer look at how smoking affects the mouth, teeth, and gums:

Main areas of concern

It is quite easy to identify a smoker from their lips and teeth and this does not bode well for the first impression which they make. A smoker will almost always have a darker shade of lips and yellow teeth sometimes even to the point that the teeth have become stained.

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath is more common in those people who smoke as the smell of cigarettes tend to remain in a person’s mouth. The obvious after-effects of all these conditions are that the confidence of the person in question is greatly at risk. The individual will try to hide their smile in fear of revealing bad breath and stained teeth.

These are some of the issues which are evident on the outside, and smokers may also be at risk of serious dental disorders as well, which we will see below.

How smoking negatively affects the teeth

The fact is that bad breath and stained teeth are not the only problems which a smoker may be hiding in his mouth. One of the more present dangers is that smoking increases the chance of gum diseases like gingivitis and it's more uglier form periodontitis. Once a person is diagnosed with periodontitis, the treatment can be difficult as the disorder causes erosion of the bone and tooth loss.

Periodontitis has been known to cause more severe diseases like a rise in blood sugar levels, and even an increased risk of stroke. Smoking can increase the chances of getting periodontitis by almost double. If you plan to get dental restoration surgery like implants, then smokers have a lower rate of success which is concerning.

How to deal with smoker’s teeth

This is a highly unpopular opinion from the viewpoint of a smoker, but the best way to curb oral disorders and significantly improve your overall health is to completely stop smoking. Even if you cannot quit smoking in one go, you must try and reduce the quantity to live a better life.

According to verified research, a person who smokes one pack a day has almost six times more chances of contracting a gum disease which is quite alarming. If you want to restore the health of your mouth and not get dangerous conditions, the best thing to do is to stop this harmful habit.

Gum disease symptoms don’t show in smokers

Another possible side effect of constant smoking is the occurrence of cavities which can cause much discomfort. There are so many oral health issues caused by this one bad habit alone. If you are a smoker and want to have your teeth checked, or want teeth cleaning in Dubai, then the Dome MedDental is the most trusted dental clinic in the region. We have highly experienced and Specialized Dentists who are adept at fixing all issues related to dentistry.

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