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Is It Safe to Visit Your Dentist During COVID 19?

Can You Go to the Dentist During COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 pandemic has affected our life badly and people are unable to go for regular checkups. During the initial wave of coronavirus, the UAE closed all the clinics for routine checkups except for emergency cases. As dental clinics in Dubai begin to open for regular, surgical, and preventive treatment appointments, patients are concerned about their safety during the visit. If you are among those people, the experts have shared some information regarding clinical appointments.

What Dentists Are Doing to Resolve the Issue?

The new parameters and SOPs adopted by dental clinics in Dubai will keep you safe. Here are a few things implemented in the clinics.

Limited Appointments

Dentists are promoting social distancing and limiting exposure through limited appointments. The doctor will check only one patient at a time. At dental clinics, there is a specific distance between seats. It is necessary to sterilized chairs before each appointment. Patients directly go to the dentists for a consultation so that process remains streamlined. After that, the patient will leave the facility directly without spending much time.

Limited Number of Patients in the Waiting Area

You cannot bring several attendants. Magazines and other items are removed from lounges to avoid COVID spread. Your dentist may ask you to wait outside if you come early to the appointment.

Sterilized Tools and Equipment

Every piece of equipment is cleaned properly and sterilized after the patient leaves the facility. The staff will also check the temperature of each patient. Technicians also sterilized chairs and tools as per new protocols.

PPE and Face Masks

Everyone in the staff wears double face masks and PPE to avoid airborne particles. Dentists are also using face shields during treatments.

How You Can Avoid Catching Corona Virus During Dental Appointment

If you feel toothache, swelling in the gums, uncontrolled bleeding, or if you have got into an accident related to dental issues, visit your dentist in Dubai immediately. Many dental clinics are open to serve patients in emergencies. You can follow the below guidelines to avoid catching COVID.

  • Take care of your teeth and exercise oral hygiene practices to avoid dental visits.
  • Wear personal protective equipment such as a mask or face shield to avoid airborne particles.
  • Wait outside in your car before the exact time of the appointment.
  • Avoid touching magazines or any other item in the waiting area.
  • Use a hand sanitizer after filling the information form or touching furniture at the dental clinic.
  • If you feel the classic symptoms of the corona, call the dental clinic immediately so if anyone came into contact with you during your visit can go for screening. 

Why The Dome Meddental Clinic is among the safest in UAE?

As our patient's and Staff’s health is paramount, our Clinic has opted for the safest… and binding measure to achieve this goal, the daily, early morning sanitization and disinfection of the whole Clinic by a Company duly authorized by Dubai Municipality.

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