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Why MedDental is the Safest Dental Practice

Why MedDental Clinic is the Safest Dental Practice to Visit During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the dynamics of almost everything due to which thousands and thousands of people have missed their dental appointments since the first lockdown. Most of these visits include regular dental examinations and hygiene check-ups, which raises a big question about the oral health conditions of masses over this period.

Since dental visits are vital for your overall wellbeing; you must not miss these appointments at any cost. By exercising additional precautions by you and the dental clinic, a successful visit can be ensured. Today, we’ll look at the reasons why MedDental Clinic claims to be the safest dental practice in Dubai during the pandemic.

How does MedDental Clinic Ensure the Safety of their Patients?

We execute strict protocols of safety for our staff and patients, as we keep in step with the highest quality of infection control considerations and offer the patients with optimum dental care.

Patient Management

Tele screening: When booking an appointment, our staff will inquire if you exhibit any symptoms of the Coronavirus or not. Also, the staff will ask about your travel history and epidemiological link with any positive patient.

Temperature Check: At the clinic entrance, your temperature will be checked and recorded for signs of fever.

Social Distancing: In our facility, we make sure that social distancing is maintained; hence, the seating arrangements are organized accordingly.

Sanitizers: We have placed sanitizers and tissue boxes around the clinic; hence, it is advised that you use them as needed.

Masks and Gloves: It is essential for all our patients and their attendants to cover their hands and face with gloves and face masks until they sit on the dental chair.

Unavailability of Hard-to-clean Objects: As a precautionary measure, we have removed items like magazines, newspapers, books, toys. Moreover, the children’s play area will remain closed during the pandemic.

Pre-procedural Mouth rinse: Before sitting on the dental chair for the treatment, the patients need to clean their mouth with a preoperative antimicrobial mouthwash. It reduces the microbes’ level in the mouth.

Staff Management

Employee Screening: We allow our staff to work who are in healthy condition and do not display any signs of Covid virus. Also, we screen our staff members for any experiences of commuting with sick or Covid-positive people.

Sanitization and Sterilization: The common areas of the clinic, including the reception and the waiting area, are cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized thoroughly every day by an accredited specialized Disinfection Company. Moreover, our staff ensures that every equipment and dental tools are properly sterilized and cleaned through special biological indicators, washer disinfector, and autoclave machine.

Hand Hygiene: Our dental team follow strict protocols for handwashing, and use alcohol sanitizers and antibacterial soap before every dental treatment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): The protective suits (PPE) are worn by all our clinical staff for the protection of patients and our team by cross-contamination. The suit is changed after every dental procedure, and appropriate doffing and disposal of PPE are followed. In fact, the glass face shields are washed, cleaned, and disinfected at the end of every procedure.

Post-Procedural Decontamination: All equipment and tools are cleaned, sterilized, and made germ-free expediently. Additionally, our dental team discards the disposable items appropriately.

Even in this unprecedented time, the Dome MedDental Clinic’s priority is making patients smile with healthy teeth. Henceforth, in the rapidly unfolding events, we are striving to safeguard the patient’s dental wellbeing by keeping our clinic environment clean and safe.

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