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Soft Tissue Laser Therapy Can Restore Dental Health?

How a Soft Tissue Laser Therapy Can Restore Dental Health?

Most people still consider dental laser therapy a non-familiar notion. But the fact is that the concept of laser in the field of dental soft tissue treatments exists for almost 20 years. The use of dental lasers was initiated in 1994 and it has been approved and accepted by FDA. Many dentists now endorse and suggest laser therapy to patients having several periodontal issues. That is why this method is becoming popular day by day. In this blog, we’ll look at how soft tissue laser therapy is effective in restoring dental health.

How can a Dental Laser work more Efficiently?

This is the question mostly asked by patients as they are now becoming more familiar with dental laser surgery. First of all, it is vital to understand what is a laser? In litteral meanings, the laser is light with extra energy. And in soft tissue surgery, the high energy of lasers is used to remove the expired soft tissues as they cannot be treated further. In addition, laser therapy can also magnify the process of teeth whitening as it increases the activity of the tooth bleaching agent used in teeth whitening.

Laser Dentistry

Mainly, two types of lasers are used in dental surgeries. First is the hard tissue laser used for tooth and enamel structures and second is the soft tissue laser used for mucosal tissues and gingiva. Further classification of lasers depends on the type and form of light technology that is used in the laser for the treatment.

People should opt for laser treatment because:

  • It ensures faster recovery, with minimum swelling and bleeding. Hence, fewer pain killers are advised.
  • The patient can take foods immediately after treatment and may return to his daily routine faster.
  • There are fewer chances of any infection so the use of antibiotics is also minimal.
  • The main advantage for dental phobic patients as the process is fearless and anxiety-free.

Reasons why you should go for Soft Tissue Laser Surgery

If you are struggling with gingiva problems or you have cold sores and ulcers, but you are afraid of the pain caused by invasive dental methods, then laser therapy is the best option for you.

Laser treatment for soft tissues has a very gentle effect on the outer surface of the tissues but is strong enough to eliminate the infection source. It causes less swelling and bleeding and less sensitivity as compared to procedures done without a dental laser.

  • No need for Anesthesia

Most dental procedures are really painful so they have to be performed under the effect of anesthesia. But soft tissue laser therapy is a painless technique that allows the dentists sometimes to continue the procedure without the use of anesthesia. In addition to this, laser therapy also reduces the use of scalpels and drills; hence making the process more painless.

  • Recontouring of Gumline

In past years, the cosmetic shaping of uneven gums required painful procedures and at least 2 weeks for recovery. But now, a laser can shape the gum within the same day with almost no pain. Therapeutically, if your gums are covering most of the crown of your teeth or you have deep dental pockets which are difficult to clean while brushing, laser therapy is here to treat these problems as well.

If still, you have a double opinion about laser therapy, you should contact The Dome MedDental Clinic where the dental surgeons use Hulaser-K2, the most efficient form of laser used in dental surgery. It is the most portable, wireless, handy, and effective device that involves the least dental invasion.

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