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Teeth Whitening and how it Impacts your Self-confidence

Teeth Whitening and how it Impacts your Self-confidence

Do you wish to regain your pearly white teeth color that you used to have?

Are your daily eating habits changing the way your teeth look?

Just like every other part of our body teeth can change with time. This is why it is absolutely crucial that everyone must take care of their well being regularly to avoid any permanent damage in the near future. There are several treatment options available to make the teeth shinny and bright. It is quite popular and widely performed cosmetic dentistry treatments in Dubai that can let people regain their original teeth color through a simple and painless procedure. This article describes the process so it can benefit everyone in taking decision and regain the flawless grin with confidence.

Teeth Whitening in Dubai

The eating habits matter a lot especially in maintaining a pearly white teeth color. You may love coffee and red wine but these foods don't necessarily do you any good. Decades of coffee consumption can leave stubborn stains on enamel and these spots cannot be cleaned through simple, everyday brushing.

Why Enamel Is Important

The smile makeover procedures are quite trouble-free and they leave an enormous effect on the personality. To get rid of unpleasant stains caused due to caffeine and alcohol consumption, these treatments are highly efficient. The outer region of the teeth is covered with enamel. Enamel and dentin, underneath it, collectively define the exact shade of your pearly whites. The smoothness and thickness can also affect the shade. If the outer layer is damaged or has a rough texture it will significantly impact the exterior of the teeth especially the exact shade. If the person does not clean the outer layer properly on a daily basis, the enamel can become rough. Lack of optimum hygiene can create a slight sheet of coating on the outer surface that keeps picking up stains from daily food consumption.

The Procedure

The process entails 4 main steps: 3 for Cleaning and 1 for Whitening

Step 1: When you will visit the specialist, the first step to bring out the perfect shade again is removing the outer stubborn layer. The deposit is cleared with an ultrasonic scaler.

Step 2: In the next step, the marks will be cleared with pressurized soda. This will make the enamel white again and eradicate discoloration.

Step 3: The last step includes polishing for which a special dental brush is utilized to make your pearly whites flawless. The whole treatment usually takes one or maximum two sittings.

Step 4: This procedure is done with the help of a new advanced fluoride gel, used to protect the enamel. After the application of one of the gel, a beam from a WhiteSpeed blue LED Lamp (Zoom 4) is applied. This new technology produces a powerful and strong beam that can remove all the stains and discoloration from the teeth. The light beam can even degrade hard compounds stuck in the teeth for years.

Depending on the dental issue, your dentist will propose and you will decide how many treatments are necessary for a perfect color. After the procedure, your dentist will advise you to come for scheduled scaling and polishing to maintain that color.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

As stated earlier, this process can eventually boost your confidence and make you look pleasant with an impeccable grin. This will lead to a successful impact on the life itself. It will not only result in white colored teeth but also make you take care of your oral cavity for longtime. The removal of debris can also make your teeth stronger.

Most dental specialists in Dubai perform teeth whitening treatment which makes it very easy to approach. Before choosing the treatment, talk to your dentist, and discuss about the price and detailed process. In addition, make sure you understand how to maintain your teeth to avoid any potential teeth problems in the future. A comprehensive consultation will help you understand the process so you can schedule a time that doesn't impact your work life.

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