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Tips on How to Maintain Healthy Gums

Tips on How to Maintain Healthy Gums

A majority of adults will experience some form of gum disease at some period in their life. The best way to avoid this occurrence is to be as preventive as possible. It is however great to know that if someone does not have a genetic predisposition to gum disease, then it can be cured by maintaining excellent oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist.

Even if you have periodontitis or severe gum disease, you can get the help of an expert and work towards fixing your dental issues. Below are some of the things to consider in order to maintain excellent oral health and a clean set of gums:

Brush your teeth regularly

It is essential to brush your teeth at least twice a day as recommended by most dentists. The important thing to consider is that the toothbrush you use must be of good quality. An electric toothbrush is highly effective as the level of cleaning it can produce is hard to duplicate by hand. Because of the smaller size of the toothbrush, it can reach farther back to the neglected teeth as well. Also, use only optimum pressure when you brush your teeth as too much can definitely damage gums. Hard bristles can cause severe damage to the soft tissue of the gums as well, therefore it is better to use a medium or soft bristle toothbrush.

Flossing is a good practice

There will always be plaque between the teeth where a toothbrush will struggle to reach. Flossing is the best way to get rid of plaque, and the right practice is to floss at least once a day or with an interdental brush. After you are done flossing your teeth, use mouthwash for a germ-free mouth.

Regular visits to your G.P. Dentist

Although home remedies and friendly advice can cure some of the problems you face related to oral health, the right thing to do is to visit a G.P. Dentist, who is much more qualified than a Dental Hygienist to assess your full oral health and not only a gum disease.

Early gum disease or gingivitis can be diagnosed as quickly as possible and treated so that it does not become worse. If you are not careful during the beginning of a gum problem, it can be very difficult to correct later on.

In case your G.P. Dentist detects a gum disease or gingivitis or even a Periodontitis, they will either treat you or refer you to your Specialist Periodontics, for the most difficult cases.

Avoid the following for healthy gums

Food items and drinks which are high in sugar have a huge potential of gum damage in both children and adults. Previously, consumption of sugar was known to result in cavities but now it has been related to gum inflammation as well.

It is good to add some anti-inflammatory food items to your diet. This includes oily fish like tuna and ginger. Another way to combat inflammation is to choose the right pairing of food items. Lean beef is known to neutralize the threat caused by acids.

Stay away from smoking at all costs

It is essential that people understand the many diseases caused by smoking. It has been proven that someone who smokes one pack of cigarettes a day has six times the risk of getting gum diseases. Also, once gum disease is diagnosed, smokers will have a tough time recovering as it will take longer.

Remove stress from your life

Stress is a common denominator to many of the problems that we face. Gum disease is no different and it is best to avoid any kind of stress that affects you. Continued stress over a long period of time will not be good for the healing process if gum disease manifests.

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