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What is Digital Smile Design?

What is Digital Smile Design?

Are you unhappy with your smile? Then it must be tough for you to feel confident while talking to people or taking pictures, as you don’t want them to look at your smile. But now you don’t need to worry because, with the technological advancements in cosmetic dentistry, you can put back your confidence by investing in a makeover of smile or straightening of teeth structure. 

Cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry offers a wide range of dental procedural options to you ranging from teeth crowning to whitening to digital smile design so that you are able to attain a well-formed, attractive, and beautiful smile. Here, we’ll be focusing on Digital Smile Design (DSD) and explore in what way this innovation can help you in achieving a perfect smile.

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Restorative Dentistry is classified into various segments and cosmetic dentistry is one vital branch of it that makes every effort in fixing and remodeling the look of your teeth and particularly smile. DSD is a revolution in cosmetic dental treatments that uses design technology to plan and restore a person’s smile. With this treatment plan, the patients can solve their issues of chipped teeth, fracture, tooth root exposure, misalignment, and so forth. 

DSD protocol begins with the mapping of the patient’s teeth structure including jaws, teeth, gums, and lips so that their relationship can be understood. The dental professionals actively engage the patients in this process to determine their goals and desires, which is a very crucial aspect of the treatment. Close communication with the patients in smile restoration treatment provides flexibility to the dentists in accomplishing desired results. The treatment of digital smile design indicates that the patients have greater control over the results, which eventually means more patient satisfaction. 

How Digital Smile Design can benefit you?

DSD is a versatile dental treatment procedure that furnishes people with a number of benefits in comparison to other treatment options available. 

  1. Predictable Results: Usually, in cosmetic dental treatments and orthodontic procedures, the dentists apply a one-size-fits-all approach. Unfortunately, they fail to take into consideration the extensive range of functional issues. Nevertheless, in a DSD procedure, the patients’ desires and goals are taken into account. Besides, the treatment plan and outcome are studied digitally. It means that throughout the entire protocol of DSD, the dental professionals capture images and videos so that the patients can track their progress. Therefore, the results of the treatment are perhaps anticipated and surprises during the treatment are not popped up. 
  2. Increased Confidence: DSD procedure is not complete without the patient’s involvement and engagement. The dental professionals enlighten the patients with the protocol interactively, henceforth, reducing the fear among patients related to dental treatments. The inputs of patients regarding their expectations after the treatment motivates them to go through the digital design process. Moreover, a natural look is given by the treatment that complements their facial looks; hence, the new smile gives them more self-assurance and high satisfaction levels. 

In order to attain a gorgeous smile and boost your self-esteem, your teeth position and angles need to be compatible with your face structure. Thankfully, DSD is a great innovation in cosmetic dentistry that provides you with an opportunity to reconstruct dental features compatible with your face, which is consequential in developing a smile and become a more confident person.  

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