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Why Teeth Whitening should only be performed at the Dentist?

Why Teeth Whitening should only be performed at the Dentist?

Even though flossing and brushing are simple everyday hygiene hacks that can help you maintain healthy white teeth, yet many of you may feel that your smile is still incomplete. If you sense that missing sparkle in your smile, you are not alone. Thankfully, with cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening, you can now possess a jovial smile for a great personality.

If you are considering teeth whitening options to decide whether to perform at home or visit a dentist, read this article. It will assist you in comprehending the reasons why you should opt for a professional dentist for a teeth whitening procedure instead of performing it at home.

What is a Teeth Whitening Procedure?

This cosmetic dentistry procedure is performed to transform your smile from yellow and discolored teeth to sparkling white teeth. Age factors, food choices, and stress levels are prone to make your teeth less shiny and stained. However, teeth whitening is an effective dental protocol that uses a solution with bleaching agent, containing hydrogen and carbamide peroxide, to remove cumulative internal and external stains while yielding bright teeth.

Why Dentist is the Ideal Option for Teeth Whitening?

Several options are now introduced for the ease of people, ranging from at-home kits like bleaching kits and toothpaste to treatments by professionals for getting rid of stubborn stains from teeth. These options might be appealing and help save money, but it is imperative to be cognizant of the benefits of teeth whitening by a dentist in comparison to at-home kits.

Dentists are Qualified Professionals

For optimized results, teeth whitening procedures should be performed by someone who is certified and professional. If you get it done by an unlicensed professional, you are putting your oral health in danger. It no longer remains a safe option, as an aesthetician might not follow the safety standards and precautions, as they are now well-versed as a professional dentist. Therefore, a teeth whitening procedure performed at a clinic is the finest way to attain sunny teeth.

More Superior Results Produced by Dentist

Teeth whitening procedures use chemicals, and only dentists are equipped to produce better results by using the maximum concentration of bleaching agents. In contrast, at-home kits have lower levels of chemical concentrations of whitening that might not give you desired results. At the dental clinic, you can attain up to eight shades whiter teeth, while over-the-counter products can only lighten your teeth’ shade up to 2 shades. Moreover, the at-home kits are only capable of making the front side of teeth brighter while your entire smile is whitened at the dentist; thereby, making teeth whitening by dentists more effective and noticeable.

Teeth Sensitivity is Prevented at a Dental Clinic

Temporary teeth sensitivity or chemical burns are common after-effects of the procedure because whitening solutions are abrasive and used for breaking off the discoloration from enamel. However, the dentist ends the whitening procedure by applying a gel to avoid sensitivity. In contrast, the at-home treatments are shoddily performed, and people frequently witness increased teeth sensitivity.

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