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Anesthesia for Dental Surgery

Anesthesia for Dental Surgery

Usually, the patient’s main concern about their next Dental Surgery (Implant(s), Tooth Extraction, Periodontal Surgery) is the best ways/means to decrease any possible pain – if any – as much as possible.

For most cases – including teeth extractions -, Dr. Philippe CHANAVAZ’s exceptional procedures and skills in implantology - fast and mini-invasive – are normally performed under local anesthesia. The same applies to Dr. Asha PONNAPPA for Teeth Extractions and our Periodontist for any Periodontal Surgery.

However, in more “difficult” cases, to guarantee a better comfort, or simply to face any patient’s apprehension, a Conscious Sedation or general anesthesia can be offered by our surgeon Dr. Philippe. In that case, the Surgery will be performed in our Dubai Partners’ Hospital or Day Surgical Center, located very close to our Clinic.

Anesthesia Types Available for Dental Procedures are:

  • Local Anesthesia: Administered by injection and it is the same used in general dentistry – for filling as example.
  • Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” An inhaled anesthesia providing, when needed, more relaxation beyond local anesthesia.
  • Note: Our Surgeons don’t recommend/practice this type of anesthesia as its efficiency is questionable (because it is often unpredictable from one adult patient to another).
  • Local anesthesia combined with Conscious Sedation: After local anesthesia, a patient is given medication that creates a drowsy and relaxed feeling.
  • General anesthesia: The patient is given a medication to place them into a deep sleep.

With their extensive experience, Dr. Philippe and Dr. Asha are always happy to help any patient identify their exact needs and the best associated procedures and anesthesia options.


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