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Dental Radiology

Dental Radiology: Making Dental Diagnosis Efficient

At MedDental Clinic, we house a team of dentists, specialists, and surgeons who are experts in various dental treatments like orthodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, and general dentistry procedures. However, dental radiology is the primary step that involves taking an x-ray of the teeth. These x-rays help the dentists in diagnosing the root cause and then choose an accurate treatment plan. Our dentists use dental x-rays as a substantial component of the dental examination, as we strive for excellence in dental care.

Why Digital Dental Radiography?

In many cases, the exact picture of the dental condition and issue cannot be detected simply by examining the patient’s mouth. Here, dental radiography has become an essential part of dental diagnosis and treatment. The radiographs provide a more accurate, precise, and comprehensive picture of the problem and make it easier to determine the treatment plan. In addition, different forms of x-rays that are intraoral and extraoral make the process very smooth.

There are three ways to get a digital dental x-ray:

  • Direct method: An electric sensor is set in the mouth so that images can be recorded 
  • Indirect method: It produces a conventional x-ray in the form of digital illustrations by scanning with an x-ray film scanner 
  • Semi-indirect method: In this method, both the direct and indirect methods are combined that is using both the electric sensor and the film scanner so that the dental x-rays are converted into digital film

During your appointment at MedDental Clinic, the dentist will visually inspect your teeth and for further and detailed inspection, digital dental radiography is used to see what is happening inside the teeth and gums and in between them. This is done to identify the deterioration below the teeth and gum surfaces, which might not be inspected with the naked eye.

The x-ray is also taken to detect the decay present inside the previously made fillings in the teeth. Moreover, these digital images are also taken to detect minor issues in the oral cavities so they do not turn into major problems of the teeth.

Digital Examination at MedDental Clinic is completely Safe

At MedDental Clinic, we use the most modern technology to diagnose problems in the mouth. The x-ray ProMax machine at our clinic provides a high-resolution image with 77% lower radiation of average dose when compared to the radiation emitted by standard machines in the market. To ensure the safety of our patients and avoid chances of over-exposure, we use the ultra-low-dose protocol.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

Digital radiographs cover even the smallest area of the mouth. Early detection of dental problems through x-rays will help you save your teeth and you will not have to undergo unnecessary discomfort for solutions to fix the issue. X-rays can detect decay in a filling done previously in the teeth, infection in the gums and bones, tumors, cysts or abscesses, bone loss, poor root or tooth positions, and any birth abnormality. One of the benefits of dental X-Rays is that tooth decay and periodontal diseases which are missed during the visual examination can be noticed and treated.

MedDental Clinic is very few of the clinics in UAE that offer ultra-modern equipment for our patient’s convenience and safety. One of our best 3D and 2D X-ray machine is ProMax 3D Classic with Cephalometry, which gives optimal results for all the needs related to Implants and Orthodontic Braces and Appliances.

Dental radiographs are used to eliminate the inaccuracies of the diagnosis of dental problems. If you are experiencing dental issues of any kind or it is time for your regular dental visit, get an appointment from MedDental Clinic at your earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a dental x-ray safe?

Digital x-ray machines at MedDental Clinic are very safe for adult men and women, pregnant ladies, and children, as the radiation dosage of the x-ray is minimal.

How frequently should I get an x-ray done?

The oral health needs of the patients determine the need for an x-ray. The dentist, after performing a checkup, signs of disease, and examining your dental history will recommend if you need a dental x-ray or not.

Why do I need a dental x-ray?

Dental x-rays are an important part of the oral care arsenal, which is taken to ensure that your mouth is not exposed to cavities, decay, or any other serious disease.


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