6 Sings of Bad Breath and What to do about them

What Causes Bad Breath and How to handle it?

Bad breath can be a cause of embarrassment, especially at work and gatherings where you want to look and feel your best. In medical terms, it is called Halitosis. There are many ways to control and even eradicate bad breath completely. But before you can do something about it, you need to know what's causing it. This post highlights the signs and symptoms that cause bad breath, so you can understand the signs and ask your dental specialist Dubai to help you out accordingly.

Causes of Bad Breath

Sleeping with an open mouth:

People who sleep with their mouth open are more likely to get Halitosis than those who sleep with a closed mouth. Sleeping with your mouth open could be a cause of any nasal issue. So, talk to your healthcare provider and discuss your nasal or allergy issues that are making you sleep with your mouth open.

Chewing Tobacco:

Saliva in your mouth contains oxygen which keeps your oral health in a perfect condition. Tobacco can reduce the saliva, and therefore, your oxygen needed to keep your mouth fresh and healthy.

Regular Smoking:  

Much like tobacco, smoking can reduce the oxygen level in your mouth and contribute towards bad breath.

White-coated Tongue:. The white tongue occurs when sulfur compounds in your tongue rise up to the surface. Consult with your dental specialist to eradicate the sulfur compounds.

Gastric Reflux:  If you experience gastric reflux, there is a high chance that you will experience bad breath as well. In this case, you need to talk to your specialist and control gastric reflux in order to control the bad breath resulting from it.

OTC Medication

Certain OTC medications can cause dry mouth leading to bad breath. In this case, talk to your specialists and ask him to prescribe medication that doesn’t dry your mouth.

How to Handle Bad Breath?

Before you can decide how to handle your bad breath problems, it is important that you identify the problem and the cause. Eradicating bad breath requires substantial lifestyle changes.

First and foremost thing is to improve your diet. Fruits rich in vitamin C are a great way to enhance your oral health. In addition, reduce the intake of coffee and tea to eliminate the factors that contribute towards bad breath.

Another important lifestyle change is to reduce the use of tobacco. It not only destroys your oral health also holds a substantial with your overall well being. In addition, quit smoking and eliminate one of the most common factors of bad breath.

Benefits of Dental Cleaning for Bad Breath

Regular dental cleaning plays a key role in helping you maintain your oral health which ultimately reduces bad breath. Show that you visit your dentist at least three times a year for dental cleaning.  In addition, clean your mouth with alcohol-based mouthwash to eliminate bad breath on a regular basis.

Improve your lifestyle, change your diet and visit your dentist to ensure that your oral health is well maintained. This will make a positive impact on your breath.

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