Amazing services. It was our first time for my husband and I, so a bit scared about what will happen (like every time that we go to the dentist) and at end everything went perfectly. Our dentist Irynha was amazing, she was explaining to us all the situation and then she gave us a time to think about it for doing it or not. She was a careful listener and really helpful. The first consultation is free. So don’t hesitate to pass by you will find great professionals !!!

Olga Blomnik

I am a loyal customer of the Dome MedDental Clinic for a few years and I must admit the high level of their staff, doctors and customer service. My special gratitude is for Dr. Iryna Zinkovych who has an excellent method as a dentist with a very thorough approach. She is extremely familiar with all of the latest trends in dental technology and she uses much of it in her practice. Dr. Iryna is a painless dentist. I would strongly recommend her and I am certain that there are many other patients who feel the same way.

Nikola Svobodová

Would definitely recommend! The clinic was able to make an appointment in the same day. My mother had acute severe tooth ache and the procedure was 99% pain free. Reasonable prices. Very friendly and helpful staff service.

Ivan Mykhailov

All is good and reliable, professional and friendly staff, reasonable prices, good location, easy to get an appointment. Definitely my choice while I live in Dubai.

Nataliia Ilienko

I loved the clinic, all staff are very friendly and helpful. Doctor Maria is very professional and experienced. She gave me a lot of useful tips to maintain my teeth healthy. Definitely will recommend this clinic!

Temnov Nicolay

Nice Doctor. Amazing place and service. Highly Recommended!!!

Ann McCarthy

WOW! An outstanding experience. A massive thanks to Dr Elina, what a truly extraordinary skillful and competent dentist. She is professional, compassionate, patient, considerate and attentive.A colossal expression of gratitude to the clinic and its staff for providing an amazing service. Made the decision today to move all our families dental care to this clinic under the trusting care of Dr. Elina. A noteworthy 5* service.

Linda Derek

I came to MedDental Clinic with the complaint of loud snoring, gasping for air, and teeth grinding. CPAP machine has made my problem of sleep apnea disappear. I now feel much more energized after waking up due to having rested nights of sleep. In fact, on the days when I don’t use the machine, I feel drowsy and fatigued and have a foul mood.

Mark Evans

Prior to MMA surgical procedure, my health was only deteriorating with time. After doing some research about my problems, I discovered that I am suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which has affected my overall life, whether it was work, social circle, or my family. While looking for treatment options, I learned I need to have an appointment with an oral & maxillofacial surgeon. After consulting Dr. Phillipe, I can definitely say he is an outstanding specialist who performed this life-altering procedure. 

Brett Lawrence

Awakening from my snores, frightful nightmares, and gasping for air is my night routine. Enjoying a well-deserved night’s sleep is something I have lost hope for because of the phobia of medical and surgical treatment. However, when I heard that MedDental Clinic offers a non-invasive method, MAO, I thought to give it a try. This device is convenient and comfortable and gives me less disturbed sleep. 

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