Amazing services. It was our first time for my husband and I, so a bit scared about what will happen (like every time that we go to the dentist) and at end everything went perfectly. Our dentist Irynha was amazing, she was explaining to us all the situation and then she gave us a time to think about it for doing it or not. She was a careful listener and really helpful. The first consultation is free. So don’t hesitate to pass by you will find great professionals !!!

Olga Blomnik

I am a loyal customer of the Dome MedDental Clinic for a few years and I must admit the high level of their staff, doctors and customer service. My special gratitude is for Dr. Iryna Zinkovych who has an excellent method as a dentist with a very thorough approach. She is extremely familiar with all of the latest trends in dental technology and she uses much of it in her practice. Dr. Iryna is a painless dentist. I would strongly recommend her and I am certain that there are many other patients who feel the same way.

Nikola Svobodová

Would definitely recommend! The clinic was able to make an appointment in the same day. My mother had acute severe tooth ache and the procedure was 99% pain free. Reasonable prices. Very friendly and helpful staff service.

Ivan Mykhailov

All is good and reliable, professional and friendly staff, reasonable prices, good location, easy to get an appointment. Definitely my choice while I live in Dubai.

Nataliia Ilienko

I loved the clinic, all staff are very friendly and helpful. Doctor Maria is very professional and experienced. She gave me a lot of useful tips to maintain my teeth healthy. Definitely will recommend this clinic!

Temnov Nicolay

Nice Doctor. Amazing place and service. Highly Recommended!!!

Ann McCarthy

WOW! An outstanding experience. A massive thanks to Dr Elina, what a truly extraordinary skillful and competent dentist. She is professional, compassionate, patient, considerate and attentive.A colossal expression of gratitude to the clinic and its staff for providing an amazing service. Made the decision today to move all our families dental care to this clinic under the trusting care of Dr. Elina. A noteworthy 5* service.

Linda Derek

I came to MedDental Clinic with the complaint of loud snoring, gasping for air, and teeth grinding. CPAP machine has made my problem of sleep apnea disappear. I now feel much more energized after waking up due to having rested nights of sleep. In fact, on the days when I don’t use the machine, I feel drowsy and fatigued and have a foul mood.

Mark Evans

Prior to MMA surgical procedure, my health was only deteriorating with time. After doing some research about my problems, I discovered that I am suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which has affected my overall life, whether it was work, social circle, or my family. While looking for treatment options, I learned I need to have an appointment with an oral & maxillofacial surgeon. After consulting Dr. Phillipe, I can definitely say he is an outstanding specialist who performed this life-altering procedure. 

Brett Lawrence

Awakening from my snores, frightful nightmares, and gasping for air is my night routine. Enjoying a well-deserved night’s sleep is something I have lost hope for because of the phobia of medical and surgical treatment. However, when I heard that MedDental Clinic offers a non-invasive method, MAO, I thought to give it a try. This device is convenient and comfortable and gives me less disturbed sleep. 

Katie Tom

I have had severe pain in the jaws, neck, head, and shoulder for almost 2 years. I could not even open my mouth more than 2 inches. Pr. Pierre is a true expert in treating TMJ conditions. It’s been only a few weeks that I got my mouthpiece, and I can barely feel any pain. Definitely recommend this clinic to all!!

Judith Dawn

My experience at MedDental Clinic for the TMJ issue has been absolutely thorough and outstanding! I am fortunate to find such compassionate experts who helped overcome my TMJ condition and frequent migraine attacks caused by it. Most importantly, I was treated without any surgery! Therefore, traveling extra miles for my appointments is definitely worthwhile.

Kris Connor

I was in constant agony due to TMJ disorder when I first visited MedDental Clinic. For more than 5 years, I suffered from constant headaches, neck pain, restless sleep, and nerve pain. My condition only got miserable. Luckily, TMJ specialists at MedDental Clinic diagnosed my condition and responded compassionately. The improvement is beyond my expectations!

Susan Warren

I got my full mouth reconstruction done by Dr. Phillipe at MedDental Clinic in Dubai. During the treatment, I did not feel pain as Dr. Phillipe was very gentle. I am very impressed by the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and the customer service. Can’t thank you enough Dr. Phillipe for your outstanding and phenomenal work!

Nora Donald

I was very ashamed of my teeth and always hide my smile that was severely decayed. I came to MedDental Clinic to restore the look, function, and health of my smile. Dental implants and porcelain veneers were placed on my front teeth and back molars. Following the treatment, I can bite properly for the first time in years!

Tony Carlos

My teeth were extremely worn out and cracked for which I had been suggested Full Mouth Reconstruction treatment. The results of multiple procedures were fantastic and to date, I have had not a single problem. I love my new shining smile of healthy teeth. MedDental Clinic has the best surgeons who created a perfect smile.

Marilyn Jones

I was in denial for a long time when suggested periodontal work for my sore gums, which worsened my condition and my gums started to erode. Finally, I went ahead with the treatment after consulting Dr. Nida Sumra. Using modern technology, she treated me with great care and compassion. My gums have become healthier and I feel great.

Roger Cullen

I had cavities, bone loss in some areas, and a tooth that needed to be pulled. Dr. Nida recommended me bone grafting procedure to handle my problem of gum recession. She explained the entire treatment plan and patiently responded to my queries. The procedures were quite smooth and I felt minimal pain. I am confident that my teeth have become healthy again.

Betty Gale

I came to MedDental Clinic on referral for my loose teeth and bleeding gums problem. The staff was very friendly yet professional. Also, the dentist and her team were very skilled and compassionately handled my concerns. Since the treatment, I have not experienced bleeding in my gums. My teeth are much healthier. The clinic is rated the best in Dubai!

Heather White

Dr. Nourine Gheith is a true perfectionist who gave me a sparkling Hollywood smile! She is the dentist you need for correcting your smile. Couldn’t be happier with my restored smile. Thank you for reproducing my teeth carefully and repairing a previous implant that was in a horrible condition. Your techniques and skills raised my self-esteem a thousandfold!

Sandy Dale

The responsive and welcoming environment of MedDental Clinic relieved my dental anxieties. Before the cosmetic changes and orthodontic treatment, I had been explained the problem with my previously fitted crown. This smile transformation process made me look forward to every appointment. Thanks to MedDental Clinic that enabled me to avail every opportunity to smile!

Jennifer Thorsten

I was extremely unhappy but Dr. Nourine made all my fears disappear. Initially, I was so nervous but her touch was so gentle on my teeth that I barely felt any pain. This makeover procedure corrected my teeth issues and produced a natural-looking beautiful smile! Even after a year has passed, I am unable to stop smiling and absolutely love the outcome!

Nikki Holland

The dentists at MedDental Clinic ensure that they provide the highest level of dental care and leave the facility satisfied every time. The clinic is very up-to-date with the latest technology right from taking an x-ray and examining the structures beneath my teeth and gums to proposing the most suitable treatment plans. I highly recommend it to my friends, family, and colleagues!

Cate Russel

I am glad that my regular dentist referred me to MedDental Clinic. From my first consultation, I was made comfortable by the staff and the dentists. The cause and effects of tooth pain in the last molar were well explained through the x-ray image before proposing the treatment of gum recession. I am so pleased with my results and my teeth appear healthy again!

Emily Will

I have enjoyed my transition from crooked teeth to a perfectly aligned smile. A massive thanks to MedDental Clinic for helping me achieve fantastic results. It was indeed a very easy and painless procedure, as the dentist described through my x-rays how my teeth are changing their positions. I now possess a confident smile and I am really grateful for what you’ve done!

Danielle Pearl

Dr Philippe CHANAVAZ is a fantastic oral surgeon in Dubai who performed a double jaw surgery and sliding genioplasty to fix my problem of severe bite problem and jaw imbalance. It was a lengthy treatment that involved wisdom teeth removal and orthodontic treatment. The entire team of the dentist was fantastic throughout. Highly recommend Dr Philippe CHANAVAZ for jaw-related surgery.

Tim Louis

Uncomfortable chewing, jaw pain, and aching lips were the common problem that I suffered from. Upon visiting MedDental Clinic, I learned that Genioplasty surgery and orthodontic procedures can fix my problems from the roots. Soon after the treatment started, I felt balanced jaw and comfortable while chewing. After the treatment completed, I was very happy and energized. It was a great experience!

Christian Will

Dr Philippe CHANAVAZ at MedDental Clinic performed BiMaxillary Surgery and I am stunned with my results. I can see significant improvement in my ability to speak, chew, and breathe post-surgery. The surgeon was very clear at every stage of the procedures and described everything in detail to comfort me throughout my treatment. The results are truly life-changing!

Jane Robert

MedDental Clinic is very good at handling patient’s dental needs. I came here for the first time for a routine dental checkup and twice for cavity fillings. I rate their customer service as excellent; they not only have a welcoming environment but are also flexible in rescheduling the appointments. Also, the dentists are very polite and gentle yet professional. Highly recommended Clinic!

Jane Nick

It is not easy to find a good dentist whom your child can trust, but Dr. Vera has been very patient with my kid. She is an amazing Oral Hygienist who not only advised my child about the importance of oral care routine but also suggested to me how I can develop my child’s interest in caring for her teeth.

Stacy Rob

Going to MedDental Clinic has been my best decision. They accommodate your dental needs with quality care. They are even available during holidays so whether a dental emergency or a routine check-up, you can always approach them. From the dental hygienist to the surgeons, the team is very skilled and answers all your questions with patience until you are satisfied.

Indie Cather

Dental work at MedDental Clinic has always been an uplifting experience. The surgeons are true artists, experts, and healers all rolled into one. They always go beyond my expectations, which is no pain or recollection of the treatment. I can trust them from the smallest work to major surgeries, as the procedures are almost pain-free and the results are outstanding.

Brenna O’Neill

I have been extremely nervous about dentistry and scared of needles but ever since Dr. Phillipe took care of my dental problems, all my anxieties have vanished. My implant went very easy without any discomfort or pain. In fact, numbing my tooth area with the injection did not hurt me. I highly recommend Dr. Phillipe for his outstanding dental work.

Wilma Washington

I vividly remember the experience of painful pressure and stretched-out jaws during my previous dental work. But my recent experience was completely different. I only requested the dentist to perform the procedures that I can’t see or feel anything. She gave me anesthesia, and it turned out to be my best experience. I feel in safe hands with Dr. Asha.

Janet Louis

I have recently got my veneers done at MedDental Clinic and from my experience, I can say that this is the best dental facility in Dubai. It is highly recommended for all your dental needs. The clinic is very clean and hygienic, the staff is very friendly and professional, and the dental procedures are uprightly priced with amazing results.

Lindy Jacob

I had lots of issues on the front 8 teeth of both jaws. They were quite small in size and very thin. Dr. Nourine proposed veneers procedure will solve all my issues. The dentist treated with immense care. I am really pleased with the outcome, my smile has improved greatly, and I love the new shape of my teeth!

Brenda Dean

I lost a few of my front teeth, which made me self-conscious and I became a person with low self-esteem. Thanks to MedDental Clinic that helped me regain my confident personality. Veneers procedure makes me feel like a completely new person. Getting constant compliments for my beautiful smile makes me feel much younger. Extremely happy with the results!

Susanne Smith

I have had a whitening process done by Dr. Nourine 3 months back. It was a simple, quick, and painless process that finished in an hour and a half. The dentist communicated with me through every step. At the end of the procedure when I saw my result in the mirror, I was stunned. Dr. Nourine excels in her work!

Audrey Faith

It’s been 4 years now I have been coming to MedDental Clinic and there is no looking back. I completely trust the skills and knowledge of the dentists and hygienists who cared for my teeth and gave me the confident smile. They use up-to-date technology and dental equipment. I simply love the Zoom Whitening procedure that gave me the perfect shining smile!

Janine James

I have visited several dental clinics with the desire of having beautiful pearly white teeth, but never got the results that I wanted. The name MedDental Clinic came as a reference and I thought to give it a try. I am so pleased with the outcome, and my teeth are in the perfect white color that I always wanted. This clinic is the best!!

Esha Sehgal

Dr. Maria is an absolutely amazing dentist who handled my teeth with great care and gentleness. I am really satisfied with the customer service, as I got my root canal treatment done on the same day of my consultation. Thank you very much for making my teeth healthy and smile beautiful!

Kim West

My experience of endodontic treatment at MedDental Clinic is very good. I have had 2 root canals and surgery for a fractured tooth – all performed by the same endodontist. The treatment was among the most pain-free and non-interruptive procedures that I never had before. Thanks to MedDental Clinic for saving my teeth and having the most experienced and skilled endodontists!

Mia Aaron

My root canal procedure was one of the complex cases according to Dr. Maria, but she proved to be a miracle worker for my teeth. She is a true expert and artist in her work. Throughout the procedure, she had been very patient, polite, and gentle to me. The clinic staff also showed a great deal of kindness. Truly impressed!

Marie Louise

I was hesitant to smile due to my pointy and prominent chin for which I went for chin surgery. Pr. Pierre thoroughly explained the genioplasty procedure and suggested reducing chin bone on the vertical length for optimal proportion along with soft tissue adjustment. I am remarkably happy to see the results, as my chin looks even better than the projected image shown initially.

Emilia Alexander

My triangular, sharp, and long jawline made me very conscious. I always felt like my chin is making my face off balance, but finally, I got the chin surgery done five months back. The surgery was complicated and the recovery was long, but surprisingly, it was not painful. I cannot even express how grateful I am to MedDental Clinic for having such expertise!

Mensah Mahlangu

I am so happy to get the genioplasty procedure done for my receding chin and facial imbalance. The surgery was quick and I did not go through horrible pain; instead, I just felt dull and a bit achy post my surgery. Pr. Pierre is unbelievably skilled in his field and I am confident to state that this is the best decision I ever made.

Teresa Martinez

A bunch of thanks to Dr. Nida and her entire team for the fantastic job. There is a huge difference with such a subtle change. My smile is more open and relaxed through cosmetic dentistry procedures. I am impressed by the professionalism of the dentist and her entire staff who were extremely helpful from start to finish.

Charlotte Cloutier

My teeth had always been problematic but I became more concerned when my overall health got affected. Thanks to MedDental Clinic for their extraordinary work on my teeth. My healthy and strong teeth are the result of their determination and compassion. This dental facility is the perfect choice for all those who are thinking to wear that beautiful smile.

Tony Maison

Being a businessman, most of my time is spent interacting with people. I wanted a perfect appearance and facial features when responding to clients or employees. The cosmetic dentistry procedure performed by Dr. Rami gave me an attractive smile that was missing my entire adult life and fixed my bite problems. Thanks a lot for the smile that I always wanted.

Julia Lukas

I suffered from exophthalmos, fat expansion in periorbital and buccal areas because of thyroid eye disease. Dr. Phillipe successfully performed two Orbital Decompression surgeries and fat repositioning over the last 2 years to fix my problem. The surgery has brought a positive change in my life and I am extremely satisfied with my results. Highly recommend him for his expertise!

Joseph Leclerc

At the age of 52, I had been diagnosed with Graves’ disease when I came to MedDental Clinic with the problems of retraction, swelling, and bulged-out eyelids due to which I had constant headaches. The surgeon ensured that Orbital Decompression treatment can correct my appearance. The surgery was indeed successful, I feel much better now and no longer feel pressure behind my eyes.

Charles Houde

Pr. Pierre helped me get back to my normal life with orbital decompression treatment. I had double vision and felt pain in my eyes, which affected my concentration. I felt minimal pain during the procedure and I was happy that there were no visible scars on my face. My eyes are fully functional and I do not experience pain anymore.

Adrain Tucker

I recently experienced severe pain emanating from the backside of the mouth. Dr. Rami at MedDental Clinic confirmed from the x-rays that my impacted wisdom tooth is erupting and needs extraction, else it will affect my other teeth’ alignment. I was really surprised by how quick and painless the surgery was. The facility is highly recommended for wisdom teeth extraction!

Friedrich Muller

I needed an expert dentist for my wisdom teeth extraction that was severely impacted, which was overcrowding my front teeth. Dr. Asha has made my experience very easy, painless, and relaxed. The procedure did not take more than an hour and there were no complications. It worked out to be perfect and I ended up pretty comfortable!

Andrea Joseph

I brought in my daughter at MedDental Clinic for wisdom teeth extraction. Since it was her first experience, she felt a little nervous and anxious but the entire staff was very empathetic and considerate. The procedure went smooth and my daughter recovered beautifully. I’m overwhelmed with everyone at the clinic and how they handled my daughter’s fear.

Stacey Gabrielle

Dr. Rami is an exceptional orthodontist! Not only he gives you time to ask your questions but explains thoroughly at every step. He ensures that you are mentally prepared and ready for the treatment. The staff is also very supportive. They have made my teeth sparkling, shiny, and straight as an arrow. A top-notch dental facility I must say!

Jennifer Kenny

For the last 16 years, I’ve been wanting braces to fix my underbite and crooked teeth. Dr. Rami made my dream come true. I could see significantly straightened teeth only after 4 to months of wearing braces and the end result was terrific. The environment was very hygienic. My journey has been tremendous and I recommend the clinic to everyone.

Tamara Payton

Every experience at MedDental Clinic is beyond expectation. Appointments are very easy to schedule. I am greeted very nicely every time I step into the office. Also, the things that make this clinic interesting are the patient experience and the wide range of services under one roof. I have had the best braces for my severely overcrowded teeth.

Gina William

My crowded lower teeth and protruding upper teeth made me extremely conscious. But Dr. Rami suggested several available options and I decided to go with Invisalign clear aligners than metal braces. Only after 13 months, my teeth alignment has improved significantly and it feels great to laugh. I enjoy taking pictures with a big smile!

Daniel Jackson

For years, I have been unhappy with my gapped and wonky teeth but not anymore. The Invisalign treatment at MedDental Clinic has straightened them perfectly and closed all the gaps in the front teeth. My tongue has adjusted because of aligned teeth and I can talk more confidently. Wish I had opted for this treatment years ago!!

Brenna Samuel

The concept of having metal braces was like a nightmare and I didn’t want to bear the pain associated with it. Thanks to MedDental Clinic for offering Invisalign treatment. The aligners were very comfortable and almost invisible. If I have to say it in just one word, I would definitely claim it as a hassle-free option with exceptional outcomes.

Tracy Karl

Dr. Vera is by far the best pediatric dentist we’ve come across. As soon as the procedure started, my son panicked. Dr. Vera calmed him down and made him comfortable before she extracted the tooth. Her polite and gentle attitude that she cared for patients was beyond expectations. Thank you for making my son’s experience a great one!

Laura Jester

I took my daughter for her first dental appointment last month. MedDental Clinic made the experience memorable and easy! The dentists were so child-focused and gave enough time to build a relationship with my kid before the routine check-up. My daughter is looking forward to visiting the clinic again. I would recommend MedDental Clinic to every parent!

Stephanie Charles

I want to thank Dr. Maria for taking such good care of my 12-year child after he got injured during the game and his tooth chipped off. I was really concerned as his permanent teeth took their place. With an upbeat demeanor, she did an outstanding job and restored my kid’s smile. Very fortunate that you are my kid’s dentist.

Emily Gray

I faced difficulty chewing my food properly because my teeth were not properly positioned especially when I closed my jaws. I also had the problem of posterior crossbite. I wanted a more feminine jawline with a proportional look to my face. Dr. Phillipe performed the Orthognathic procedure with outstanding results. I rate my experience as an extremely positive one.

Alex Martin

I came to MedDental Clinic as a referral to get my severe underbite problem fixed. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon described the entire process of upper and lower jaw surgery. It made me feel at ease and I was able to take the decision, which turned out to be great. I am very happy with the results!

Debbie Jack

My jaws were underdeveloped, which affected my abilities to chew, speak, and breathe. It also caused teeth and gum problems, as I was not able to close my lips properly. Orthognathic surgery was all about improving my health. It became possible because of Dr. Phillipe who performed the corrective surgery for my jaw alignment. Highly recommend!!

Louann Michael

I was so glad to hear more compliments on my smile than the dress that I searched for months for my son’s wedding. All thanks to Dr. Phillipe that my smile looked more beautiful on that very special day! The result of the implants was very natural and gorgeous. It is wonderful to smile wide and not feel conscious. Dr. Phillipe is my star!

Konrad Levin

For the last 32 years, my partial mouth did not function properly, and I was restricted to eat certain foods. Since my treatment started at MedDental Clinic, I could see an obvious improvement in my dental health. The pain slowly started to disappear. Implants have done marvels to my mouth and I can enjoy foods like steaks, raw carrots, and so on.

Douglas Sanders

I had battled with my bad teeth for years and spent thousands of dollars but it seemed to be a never-ending fight until I consulted Dr. Phillipe. In the very first appointment, I was reassured that I can enjoy fully functional teeth. Honestly, the whole experience was painless and the implant in multiple teeth was performed with accuracy!

Lisa Hatch

Thank you very much Dr. Nourine for the three crowns on my lower left teeth. These crowns are perfectly fitted to my teeth and I do not feel uncomfortable with them. I am enjoying the new pearly white, beautiful, and natural-looking teeth. Thank you for being so kind, gentle, and professional as I went through this ordeal.

Kate Bryan

MedDental Clinic gave me a reason to smile again after years of hiding my teeth. I don’t have words to express my gratitude for the superb work the dentists have done. My teeth are aesthetically flawless and are functioning perfectly. The knowledge, experience, patience, and expertise of the dentists were trust builders and I never felt I was in the wrong hands.

Susan Richard

Dr. Nourine, I want to thank you for the masterful work of veneers you did on my teeth to make them look beautiful. There are no words to describe your expertise and how your perfectly fitted veneers have changed my life. My new teeth have restored my confidence, something that I’ve desired for a very long time!

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