Endodontic Dentistry (Root Canal Treatment)

Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

Endodontics is the branch of Dentistry aimed at treating infections in the Root Canal system. An infection can arise due to reasons such as damage to the teeth, leaky fillings, and tooth decay. Root Canal Treatment becomes necessary when the Dental X-rays show that the pulp inside the teeth is infected by bacteria. If not treated on time, bacteria can spread and multiply, leading to unbearable pain, bacterial puss, bad breath, gum swelling, and other oral diseases. Timely treatment can help to avoid the aforementioned conditions and save your teeth from decay.

Here at MedDental Clinic in JLT, we offer the most cost-effective Root Canal Treatment in Dubai. Our Team is composed of Certified Dentists who have numerous decades of experience in addressing Endodontic concerns.

We use the best and latest technology and an advanced Dental Microscope. Contact us today or make an appointment online.

What is Meant by Root Canal Treatment?

A typical Root Canal Treatment is done over the course of two-three appointments. Some cases may take longer depending on the severity of the infection and the teeth that is affected. Root Canal system which houses the Dental pulp continues from the crown to the root of the teeth. The Dental pulp consists of tiny nerves, blood vessels, and tissues. When a person gets a bacterial infection, the tissues inside the pulp start to decompose and eventually turn into puss.

Root Canal Treatment is conducted to remove this decomposed pulp and clear the inflammation. In addition to removing the puss, a Certified Dentist can also clean the base of the tooth and remove any bacteria present in it. After completing the Root Canal Treatment, a crown or filling is placed to recover and increase the strength of the tooth. 

Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

  • A Root Canal Treatment conducted by an experienced Dentist considerably increases the chances of saving your damaged teeth.
  • The results of a Root Canal Treatment are meant to be long-lasting, and you can retain the functionality of your teeth for a lifetime.
  • A Root Canal procedure can be completed in two to three appointments.
  • Patients can bite, chew, and talk efficiently after a Root Canal procedure
  • Root Canal Treatments are generally pain-free.

Post-Root Canal Treatment

The recovery period is very short after a Root Canal procedure. Some patients may experience mild discomfort and pain during the first few days, however, medications are provided to overcome such troubles.

Patients are also advised to take care of their teeth during the recovery phase. Do not chew on hard foods until the Dentist gives you the permission to do so. Patients can also avoid further Root Canal Treatments by maintaining good Dental hygiene and limiting the consumption of sugary food and drinks.

Why Choose Us?

  • The Most Experienced Team of Root Canal Treatment Dentists

Dr. Maria ALEKSASHINA, Medical Director of MedDental Clinic, is a veteran G.P. Dentist, who has been perfecting the way people smile for almost 30 years. 

Since the beginning of her career, she has focused on Root Canal Treatment, also known as Endodontics.

She currently heads our Team of multinational Dentists all of whom strive to deliver medical care of the highest quality. Dr Yulia ELINA, in particular, has extensive experience in Root Canal Treatment as well as Pediatric and Restorative Dentistry.

  • Use of Microscope:

To offer the best possible Dental care to our patients, we have the most modern dental microscope at our Clinic in JLT. 

Some Root Canal procedures are impossible to perform without image enlargement. A Dental microscope is no longer considered a luxury in the field of Endodontics. It is in fact highly necessary during dental surgeries in this day and age.

A microscope helps to provide an accurate image of:

Only through a microscope, things invisible to a naked eye can be seen like:

  • Small/narrow Root Canal entrances
  • Hidden Canals
  • Tooth root fractures
  • Changes due to aging
  • Calcified Canals developed due to trauma

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an Endodontist?

At MedDental Clinic, certified endodontists who received specialized training of three years in root canal treatment conduct the procedure.

What is the level of pain pre and post-treatment?

Our dentists will give you anaesthetics, so you will not feel any pain during the procedure. The mild discomfort or pain after the treatment can easily be managed through medications.

How do I know if I need this treatment?

If you are feeling pain for several days, have sensitive gums and teeth, swelling on a specific region of the tooth, you can be a candidate for this treatment.

Can a root canal procedure save my teeth?

Yes, our dentist will remove the inflamed region under the base of your tooth and fill the empty space to seal it properly. You can save the tooth and restore its functionality.

What special care does my tooth need after this procedure?

It is better to avoid biting and chewing from the operated area until your dentist restores it completely. Try to maintain optimum hygiene, brush properly, and don’t forget to floss.

What is the root canal treatment cost in Dubai?

The cost can vary just like any other dental treatment because of the severity of the infection and the number of roots to be treated. Come to clinic at JLT and get your diagnosis today.

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Why Our Patients Choose Us

Our clinic is situated near the most populated area of Jumeirah Lakes Towers and you will be able to find our office with ease. The highly professional and experienced team of dentists at our clinic are available seven days a week to treat all types of dental diseases and keep make sure you have a perfect smile. We are widely known as The Reference in International Dentistry in UAE!

Whether you are in need of routine checkups or emergency situations, our dentists will treat you with the utmost care. At our clinic, patients get high-quality dental healthcare. Our lead dentist, Dr. Maria Aleksashina has a team of expert professionals and nursing staff who make sure to improve the quality of life of their patients through advanced dental treatments of international standards.