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Dr PierreConsultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon - Orthognathic Surgery Expert  Dubai

Pr Pierre BOULETREAU initially graduated from French Medical University and got his:

  • General Surgery Degree in 1998.
  • Specialized Degree in Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery in 2002
  • His skills:
    • Stomatology, Maxillofacial Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery
    • Orthognathic Surgery
    • University Professor (since 2006) and Hospital Practitioner (since 2005)
    • holds a HDR (Habilitation a Diriger les Recherches = French post-doctoral degree allowing its holder to supervise PhD students and conduct their researches) since 2004
  • His Titles: More than14, including the most prestigious and highest in France; amongst them:
    • Postgraduate in Microsurgical techniques
    • Postgraduate in Orthognathic Surgery
    • Master’s Degree in Biological and Human Sciences
    • Thesis of Doctorate of State in Medicine (Distinguished Mention)
    • Postgraduate in Medical Education
    • Etc…
  • Distinctions – Research Fellowships: More than 10, totalizing more than 450000 Euros
  • Study Trips: More than 30 months spent in the most prestigious U.S, Universities like:
    • 1999-2001 (20 months): Research Study in New York University Medical Center (New York, NY - Pr Longaker) then Stanford University (Stanford, CA – Pr Longaker)
    • March-April 2000: Institute of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery in New York University Medical Center (New York, NY – Pr McCarthy J.G.)
    • January-February 2001: Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Stanford University School of Medicine. (Stanford, CA –  Pr Schendel S.A.)
    • April 2009 (1 week) : Visitor at Dr. Stuart Super, MD, DMD. New-York, Avril 2009 (1 semaine)
    • October 2010: Orthognathic Surgery Internship (Santa Barbara, CA – Dr GW Arnett)
  • Academic Societies
    • Member of the French Society of Maxillofacial Surgery, Stomatology, and Oral Surgery
    • Member of the Association of Facial Surgeons
    • Relecteur pour la Revue de Stomatologie, Chirurgie Maxillofaciale, et Chirurgie Orale
    • Reviewer for the Journal papers of “Thyroid Disorders and Therapy”
    • Reviewer for the International papers of “Journal of Dental Science and Research”
    • Reviewer for the Journal papers of “Drug Design, Development and Therapy”
  • Publications
    • Original International Articles:                      30 articles
    • Original National Articles:                              52 articles
    • Published Book Chapters and Abstracts:     38 articles
    • Posters and communications:                      102
  • Invited Speaker/Lecturer
    • National and International: 38 communications


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